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    Politicians in Arizona were calling Phoenix "The kidnap capital of the World" and would throw in illegal immigration in that same sentence, but would never give us numbers on how many are actually because of illegals. Now that we know that the cops in Phoenix were putting out false numbers on the kidnappings, are the Politicians going to change their tone? or have they already? police chief reassigned pending review of kidnapping numbers Critics of Harris claim instances of kidnapping in Phoenix were inflated by the Police Department to increase the city's chances of winning federal stimulus money. Those complaints led to a federal review. Allegations about the credibility of kidnapping figures used to land a $1.7 million federal grant to combat border-related crime had circulated for months, and political pressure from critics on the City Council and a police union was growing. Cavazos had remained silent in recent days as speculation about Harris' fate increased, but Cavazos finally spoke out Thursday.

    There are a lot of lies coming out of Arizona, it's hard to believe anything now.

    It extremely is often believed through using those human beings residing in those severe undocumented, severe violent crime neighborhoods that the costs are dropping utilising certainty fewer incidents are being suggested. wanting homicide you will now no longer hit upon optimal unlawful aliens figuring out on up the telephone to checklist collectively as they have been raped, robbed or had a kin participants member abducted. So the stats themselves are unreliable utilising certainty the two the criminals and the sufferers are unlawful aliens. at distinctive hand, Lithia Springs besides the certainty that has the utmost drug splendid violent crime expenditures indoors the country - and that's in a state it extremely is disproportionately elderly. optimal unlawful aliens do now no longer commit violent crimes. yet people who do have become so brazen approximately it that entire aspects of serious SW cities are actual siege zones. utilising certainty of this a toss the baby out with the bathwater recommendations-set won't artwork. ICE needs to make the attempt and spend the funds to winnow the fee earners from the violent criminals and the essential slackers.

    Latina times has a different view than what you have copied. It seems that even pro-illegals would worry how many illegals and others are being kidnapped on their illegal journeys. Phoenix, Arizona: Kidnapping Capital of the USA By Mariela Rosario Phoenix, Arizona has recently received the dubious distinction of being named the kidnapping capital of the United States. Second only to Mexico City in the world in terms of rates of violent kidnappings, local officials have cautioned that Phoenix is caught in a dangerous and even deadly crime wave. Many blame the rise in violent crime on Mexico's drug cartels. With over 370 cases of kidnapping last year alone, the Phoenix authorities have been overwhelmed and are frustrated, "We're in the eye of the storm," Phoenix Police Chief Andy Anderson told ABC News, "If it doesn't stop here, if we're not able to fix it here and get it turned around, it will go across the nation," he warned. Jerry Brown, California's Attorney General, has said that because the U.S. government focuses so intently on Islamic extremist groups, that other types of terrorists like the drug cartels taking over Phoenix, are ignored. Kidnappings and other crimes connected to the Mexican drug cartels have been spreading across other border states as well, from Texas to California. Many of the victims of these crimes are illegal aliens or involved in the drug trade somehow, but innocent victims have been caught up in the violence as well. hile out with his unit and trying to find a victim in peril, Sergeant Phil Roberts said, "Our victim's probably being brutalized, he's probably being beaten up and tortured and God knows what else is taking place, and we don't know whether he's a legal or illegal. We look at it as if he's a human being. He's being tortured out there, and we've got to do everything we can to try and rescue that individual." www.latina.com/.../phoenix-arizona-kid... -

    So, illegals never have lied before??

Going camping for a week?

  • Bernadette Heaney
    Bernadette Heaney
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  • Mercedes Mayert
    Mercedes Mayert
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  • Ila Klein
    Ila Klein
  • Ryley Stark
    Ryley Stark
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