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    I want to start my live over in Arizona, but dont know how to go about it the right way. My children are grown up, and I do have money saved. I dont want to work it out with my husband. I just want to move on. Do I get a job first, or an apartment? I live in Lithia Springs and my son lives in Arizona, and I want to be near him. I know Im probably not making any sense, but I just dont know what to do anymore. Can anyone help me.

    The advice you need is no different than that you would give a teenager who want to move out on their own. How do you plan to support yourself and do you have money saved to make you plans turn into reality. Getting a job would be the first step in relocating anywhere. Put together a resume and start posting it online for jobs in the area you want to relocate to. Getting an interview could take 6 days or 6 months in this job market, make sure where you are relocating to has a good job market for your profession.

    This is lifestyle and financial question, not a marriage question! In this economy, I would NOT commit to an apartment or other expenses until I had a job, or some other source of sufficient income. Maybe your son will let you stay with them until you get a job. If you file divorce first, you will get a separation agreement that might include an alimony payment. If so, you could use the alimony to pay your living expenses until you get a job. The separation order could be ready in as little as 30 or 60 days.

    What stopping you, you have money saved, you have the means to do it, just do it! I think you should start to look for a job and an apartment first before you go out there or ask your son if you can stay with him for a lil while! or if he can help you and start to look for you for the apartment and job! continue to save money but make sure it is in a seperate account or your hubby will get upset and take all of it! this will be the first step you take towards the rest of your fresh new life! Good lUck!

    Hire a lawyer, get your divorce, contact you son and see if he will help you find a place to live, and go. You can start looking for jobs online before you get there if you want. Your divorce could take a little time. Life is too short. Enjoy it however you can.

    Well, how about you talk to your son first...ask him to help you, since he is already there... go from there...you should have a job first, closely followed by a place to live... i mean, even wit hmoney saved, it dont last long... it would truly suck for you to go there, not find a job, and have to come running back to your future ex husband... im sorry you are having a case of empty nest syndrome... calm down, get help, and im sure things will work out for the better in time... just hang on, and hold tight...

    Get your divorce and move to Arizona and start your new life.

    You could get an apt. first, then find a job-depending on what your career/money situation is.. or, rent a room from someone on craig's list until you find a job and apt. or stay with your son. get movers to bring your things.

    I moved here from cali, lived in Tucson and loved it! I made it home, met someone, got married and moved closer to phoenix, got divorced, I hate it here! i didnt make it home no place is home until you make it home I hate it here! not bc i got married and divorced here i just dont like it at all!

    If you could stay with the son until you get a job would be perfect. talk to him,

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