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    You do not need a signed contract for the loan to be valid in PA. You would have to establish a paper trail for the money. If you wrote them a check, this would help immensely. You only have to convince the judge that there is a 51% probability that things happened as you said they did, which isn't too hard. You need to check the website of the county in which you reside. All of the county websites that I have checked have the forms necessary for filing a small claim. These are typically in the district courts. When you have the forms, you fill them out with the court, then serve your mom and step dad with the papers. You do this by personal service or certified mail (not FedEx or UPS). Personal service is when one of your friends hands them or whomever opens the door the papers. This friend has to sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury that they served a the papers to a person, time, date, and address certain. The papers you serve will command them to appear. After the case gets listed for a trial date, you will want to secure a subpoena duces tecum from the prothonotary. This will command your mom and step dad to bring certain papers with them to court when they come. It is true that you can get a judgment by default, but only if you have proper service, you state a claim upon which relief can be granted, and the court has jurisdiction over them. Obviously, if you file your claim in Pittsburgh and they live in Philadelphia, you may have difficulty getting a judgment by default. Should you get a judgment by default, you can intercept IRS refunds, garnish a pay check, place a lien against a house, Small claims has the advantage of a lower cost for court fees. The downside is that there will not be any court reporter and therefore no record of anything anyone says. Should someone appeal, or lie on the stand, it would be difficult to establish what happened without getting the district judge to establish a record. To ensure that all your options and considerations are taken into account, speak to a Lithonia licensed attorney from your county in a back and forth discussion concerning your case.

    She looks like a real piece of paintings. i could probably basically supply her the $40 and tell her to bypass away, perpetually, you do no longer prefer acquaintances like that. on the different hand, I comprehend the place your coming from and you could probably win in courtroom by way of fact she would not have a written contract, that's her fault and doubtless what a decide will ask for while it comes all the way down to it. Verbal agreements could be binding, yet no longer almost as enforceable as a written one. At this factor, i could deliver her an authorized letter stating which you're arranged to bypass to courtroom and to remind her to convey her "contract" together with her. while it comes all the way down to it, be arranged on your end. document each and every of the hours she "helped" you and description the contract as suited as you could undergo in recommendations. additionally attempt and get a assertion from the human beings you have been being a Nanny for, that could desire to assist make certain YOU have been the accepted care giver and he or she replaced into "basically helping" Now, right here is what could take place in courtroom. The decide will hear to the two sides and if she is irrational and unprepared, and you're gentle spoken, have good workplace work exhibiting each and every thing, you will greater suitable than probable win. additionally, the decide will make certain if the fee in line with hour replaced into honest and if she is entitled to any further funds. considering the fact which you reported you have been paying her greater suitable than you have been making that's probable the decide will take the hours she worked, divide it with the help of the excellent you gave her so far, and notice if it replaced into "honest" for the paintings she did do. wish that helps and robust success! Adam-O

    Call the People's Court.

    If you have a signed contract of some kind to show a judge go to the county clerks office and file a complaint, pay the fees and wait for a court date. If your folks show then you should have a slam dunk ... if they don't the judge will most likely rule in your favor anyway. With a court ruling in your favor I think you can go to their employers and have their check garnished.