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    "After cutting budgets significantly during the past two years, the state of Arizona this year is spending roughly $10.1 billion, but revenues of only $6.4 billion will be collected. $1.1 billion of federal stimulus money, coupled with additional cuts, fund sweeps, and sales of state buildings reduces the current-year shortfall to about $2 billion. The gap will grow to $3 billion-plus next year, and a structural deficit of similar size looms for as far as the eye can see. The budget gap cannot be closed through spending cuts alone... The bottom line is, you could lay off every state employee and not begin to balance the budget. You could entirely eliminate funding for higher education and not come close. Ditto for welfare programs such as food stamps, TANF, the disabled, unemployment insurance, assisted living, and programs for children such as child abuse, child care, and foster care..."

    Lots of illegals in Arizona. Should have an open season on them, then the budget will come back in line.

    Obviously, you'd have to see where the money is going and what is coming in the answer that question. It's still better than having a majority doing that, like the liberal states do. At a guess, I'd say the economy is the biggest problem. However, we must also consider the source of the article which is college and therefore most likely liberal. It obviously is promoting tax increases rather than cutting federal or voter mandated expenses, which should both be considered first.

    Our homeland security Janet Napolitano chief is what went wrong in AZ. She looks the other way as millions crossed our borders and drained our jobs and resources. 1/3 of the people in jails in Lithonia are in the USA illegally. Our schools are filled with illegal children. Our jobs that legal Hispanics use to have are now being done by illegal Mexicans and South Americans. All those wages are not being taxed, not going into our system and that means lost jobs by legal citizens and a drain on unemployment compensation and the welfare system. Thus because a lot of the illegal wages are sent to South America and Mexico we in Lithonia lose out and small business receive even less money and have to lay off even more people and or go broke and shut down. The cost of cheap illegal wages is to expensive for AZ.

    Arizona is getting a dose of what most states will face in the coming year. Almost all spent far beyond their means (even in the good times) and none of them ever cut their budgets. They live on "plastic" and will die by it. Unfortunately, they will take all of the taxpayers down with them. Many of the members of state legislatures should be doing some serious prison time, especially in New York and California. As you should already know, Democrats NEVER vote against greater spending. They earned their "tax and spend" label and will be instrumental in the downfall of many states, as well as this country.

    Because you cannot expect a Republican governor, to fix the mess Janet Napolitano left for her to clean up in just 11 months.

    Aside form numerous illegals draining the system, I'm guessing their congressman refused the bribe from the White House to vote for the health care bill.

    Arizona republicans control house ,senate and govenor ,Whats the problem with the conservatives here ? all talk Gods reporter/ would that be like Obama blaming the economy on bush double standard here gods reporter /tommie truthteller janet is not the govenor

    Janet Napolitano's administration wrecked the state. And there is a huge illegal alien population there running up the cost of public services.

    3 words: Governor Janet Napolitano

    Same as everywhere else. the retail and financial sector collapsed, so those taxes disappeared. not the fault of arizonans per se.

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