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    The state of Arizona does not make education a priority when it comes to the budget of the state thus creating overcrowded classrooms with ridiculous demands upon the teachers. The teachers do an good job and need the support of the parents and the public. To answer your questions, yes we have good public schools - what we do not have is the money to create excellent schools. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know what what they are talking about. Parents and children need to be held accountable to their performance and stop thinking this world is going to spoon feed them everything they need for free. You can thank a teacher for being able to read this message.

    Yes arizona have good public schools.

    When i was in school 7 yrs ago they were bad, it seems like they getting better now with the kids that are coming in to college seem to know more than i did when entering. they still over crowed tho.

    The schools in Lithonia are terrible when compared to most other states. I lived in Phoenix for 9 years and I would never want to raise a child there.

    There are good and you find good and bad teachers

Are you a manager of a Fast Food Restaraunt?

  • Alexanne Lesch
    Alexanne Lesch
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  • Payton Emard
    Payton Emard
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  • Darrel Carroll
    Darrel Carroll
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  • Destiny Moore
    Destiny Moore
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