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    I have a student loan that defaulted and went to collections. The agency isn't working with me. They are asking for a ridiculous amount and when we agreed on a reasonable monthly payment, they said they wouldn't work with me because I am not going to give them my bank account number and they couldn't wait until the 15th of May. Should I still send they money by check every month still? Can someone give me advice on what to do? I am trying to avoid my wages being garnished or my tax return being taken but the company isn't working with me! A personal loan is out of the question as well.

    The number one rule regarding collection agencies is NEVER EVER give them your banking information (as quoted by Clark Howard). They can yank out funds and cause you an overdraft, which leads to more debt with bank fees. HOWEVER: If they are willing to work out a payment that you can live with and will only do so if you provide them with a banks routing number, then simply open an account and deposit only the amount of the monthly payment. Use this account for nothing but paying them!!! If they attempt to take out funds earlier or more then what was agreed to in the agreement, then that would be considered a breach of contract by them and if you get hit with any bank fees, you can make them pay the fees! Make sure you get everything in writing, how much you are to pay, and when the payment is due BEFORE you give them any banking information. Tell them you do not want to be a victim of Identity theft and will provide proper information via mail, NOT ON THE PHONE! Hope this helps answer your question.

    Whoa Whoa Whoa. First of all, if this is a government backed student loan you don't have to deal with the Locust Grove at all. Call the U.S. Dept of Education and tell them you want to rehab your loan. They wlll review your current expenses and work with you to come up with a repayment plan you can afford. If its a private student loan it falls under the guidelines of a regular loan. Check the SOL for your state. If its out of statute, don't pay it. Send the company a Cease and Desist and wait for it to fall off your report. Keep in mind that once something goes to a Locust Grove and hits your credit report that paying it does not improve your credit score. If you are able to wait out the SoL on the debt, do. Paying it will only waste money and reset the reporting period and SoL on any remaining debt. Do NOT give any collection agency your banking information. Ever. And stay off the phone. Make them communicate with you only in writing. Send a limited Cease and Desist and send it CRRR. Bar them from contacting you via telephone. You want a paper trail for everything. Oh, and nobody can touch your tax returns if they aren't the federal government. Nobody.

    Sassy2 is correct. Student loans are a unique breed of a consumer you don't have the same rights as with credit card debt... Try to find a solution that does NOT involve giving out your bank account numbers. Pay on time buy only pay via USPS money orders. Photocopy and keep for your records. Student loan people are notorious for inaccurate record keeping.

    No they are not just being pushy as someone mentioned, I read most of the comments and it is true, they can garnish wages on student loans. I have seen this in many cases. Your best choice is to do your best to work with them and get it paid. Asking for everything in writting as someone mentioned is just a stall tactic that will more likely get you into trouble.

    Never, never, never give a bill collector any of your banking information. They have been known to empty your accounts. Remember, you are in charge for right now. It is your money, they want it. If you chose to send the collection agency a payment, do so either by money order or cashiers check. They can wait.

    They are just being pushy do not give them your account number just let them know you will abide by the terms you agreed upon and if that is not good enough to go ahead and take you to court. In court thats where you bring up you agreed to reasonable terms, but they backed out and insisted on account numbers in which case they could wipe you out. Could be a scam, get everything in writing, it is your right to demand this

    If they won't work with you, then don't work with them. You can always wait until the next collection agency gets it or you get sued. If you get a sued, the law firm collection agency may be hard to deal with, but if you get a good attorney that has experience dealing with them, the attorneys at the firm will sometimes work out sweet deals. You can always go to and find a consumer attorney. If you can set them up on an FDCPA claim, then they are going to be more willing to work with you.

    Consult from the credit sequence enterprise and locate out with regard to the indoors maximum loan. If the indoors maximum loan is valid, pay it, or negotiate a freelance. sequence agencies paintings with debt that's not reported to a credit bureau until/until the sequence company determines that it fairly is uncollectable. Examples are scientific debt and application debt.

    Since it is a student loan, the company does not have to work with you; you have to work with them. That loan gets paid one way or another. Get back on the phone and keep negotiating.

    First off ignore Amy's scam.. Ask to speak to the supervisor and do not back down tell them you are logging this conversation if they do not comply. Open another account just to repay the debt.