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    Arizona is at HOME vs. the Vikings, so Warner is a great start! If it were in Minneapolis, id opt out of a Warner start. Arizona is money at home and the Vikings D gives 217 passing yards per week, but they are 2nd ranked against the run. Warners a safe start. Rivers is also a very good start this week at the Chiefs. The Chiefs allows 235 YPG via the pass, which ranks 2nd worst in the league, and also are the 2nd worst team vs. the rush. San Diego will have a big game with plenty of stats and points to go around! The Browns defense are not exactly all that bad vs the pass, but Westbrook will have a brilliant day vs. that 26th ranked rushing defense. Romo the Homo isnt doing anyone any favors lately, especially Dallas. I cant support starting Romo vs the Giants 193 YPG passing, 37 Sacks, and 16 Interceptions. As is the usual in December, theirs trouble in the Big D...which stands for DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! Go with Warner and Rivers as your safe bets for great return in week 15. Good luck.

    Phillip Rivers , Kurt Warner

    Id go with warner and rivers. warner is a must start regardless. at home cards avg 33 ppg, they throw the ball 80 percent of the time, most by any team since '91. almost a guarentree for two td going up against weak vikings secondary rivers going up against kc, ranked 25 against the pass. so he should be solid here you could consider mcnabb, hes been on a hot streak. but really, i think theyll be up early in this game and just pound the rock to run some clock. romo might have something to prove, but going up against giants isnt a great matchup. all should produce, but i think your best bets are warner and rivers

    You have to go with Romo and Warner. Locust Grove is way too inconsistent. McNabb doesn't throw enough TDs. Warner has been red-hot all season and Romo always has big games against the Giants. (If you take away the playoff game last year).

    Phillip Rivers and Kurt Warner. They have been hot this season and I don't see either of the teams they are playing slowing one of them down.

    Warner- Arizona will pass even more then usual against Locust Grove Rivers- Great matchup against KC

    It is like asking me if i desire a Twinkie or a Snickers. they are the two great selections. Take Tony Romo against a St. Louis team this is as undesirable because it receives superb now. They cant end every person. the great's ought to look in a divisional sport.

    Warner & rivers

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  • Buck Boehm
    Buck Boehm
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  • Sandy Goyette
    Sandy Goyette
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