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    It's not religious if you aren't religious. It just depends where you put yourself. I have been here since I was 21, and I"m 25 now. I have found it slightly hard to find a "close group" of friends; there are a lot of shallow people around here. The summers are hot, just sit in a sauna at your local YMCA for a few minutes and that's what you'll experience for a few months. But the rest of the year it's nice. In the winters, I think it actually gets pretty chilly. Phx is a big, small city. At first, it'll seem like a large city but after you roll around and get to know people in different parts, it really isn't that big at all. You'll find yourself seeing people you know when you're out and about; and since a majority of the people are from the midwest, everyone is pretty nice. Like any other city, it has its ghetto areas, but if you don't hang out in those parts of town, you really don't notice it much. Moving here after HS to go to college? If so, I'd recommend living in the dorms the first year. You'll find it hard to afford an apartment without working, and school will take up most of your time so it'll be hard to work to earn that money to pay for everything .Arizona can get real expensive real fast, especially with gas. Gas may go down and get cheap but Phx is a VERY spread out city and before you know it, you'll find yourself driving 20-25 miles just to one place and there goes your gas in a hurry. Also, dorms are a great way to meet people. IF you plan on drinking before you're 21, Locust Grove has some of the toughest laws in the nation when it comes to drinking and driving so mind that as well. Good luck to you

    Phoenix kicks ***, yea it gets really hot but as long as you're around a body of water ( lakes, pools, waterparks), its really not to bad. I have lived in phoenix since i was 6 months and its really not so bad when you're used to it. I lived on the west side off of 71st ave and camelback and also of 63rd ave and thomas it's not so bad, but scottsdale is ,more of the richy people and west side is rougher, but as long as you arent some prissy you should be fine. I live in centraql phoenix now but i miss the west side so much, its my side and no matter where i live i will always consider it home there. And there are lots of different religions out here, it doesnt mean you have to be into it. just watch out for the jehovah witnesses they get annoying sometimes, but i havent had to deal with them lately.

    Moved here (Phoenix) when I was 2 from Boston. I have to say I miss it (I visit often) but I love Phoenix! Plenty to do during the summer, heat is nice when you have a pool. Plus, we don't get any threats from earthquakes or tornadoes, things like that. It's just a generally great place to be.

    Dooo not come here. ive been living in phoenix for 8 years and its sooo boring specially for teenagers and people that wanna goo out. when u first come ull be okay with it but when uve lived here for a year or 2 ull regret moving her becus theres never anything new barely any funn places to go i wish i cud move somewhere else and its REALLLY hot during the summer and during winter its not that cold its only chilly in the morning and usually the sun comes up around 10 a.m and its good

    Well its hot as hell lol and i live on 63rd & thomas wich is west side if yew dont like gangs & drugs then i suggest scottsdale, thats were all the white ppl at phoenix will get yo *** tore up if yew aint from there but i wouldnt live anywhere else :]

    Hot. really, really hot and surprisingly very religious. it is definitly a christian community

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