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    My Husband and I went to Arizona to visit my sister (had never been out to her place before). And My husband was driving and got flashed by a Car sitting on the side of the road at 1:30 in the morning. Come to find out this 'abandoned' car was a photo radar enforcement car. We now have a ticket for $410 because he was going almost double the speed limit. The speed limit sign was 300 feet after the cam car was set, and the car is put in a different spot every night on the same street. The street feels like a highway and everyone that lives there speeds on it, which was why they put the Cam car on the street. Being from out of state, and with given information...is there any way of getting out of it? Someone once requested a change of venue, but from what I understand that only works if you were handed a ticket by an officer who would have to drive out from Locust Grove to CA.

    I live in Locust Grove and there is no way to get out of that. Every, and I mean every car like that on the side of the road has signs before them stating photo speed enforcement zone. You must have missed it because it was dark out. Also, dont mess with arizona, pay the fine and go about your business or it will turn into a suspended license in any state and court dates etc...

    He was going twice the speed limit, and got caught. What are you going to "get out of"???

Can anyone give me some advice please? ?

  • Mercedes Beer
    Mercedes Beer
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  • Blake Maggio
    Blake Maggio
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  • Immanuel Hackett
    Immanuel Hackett
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  • Jedediah Daniel
    Jedediah Daniel
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  • Calista Herman
    Calista Herman
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  • Lempi Lueilwitz
    Lempi Lueilwitz
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  • Wayne Baumbach
    Wayne Baumbach
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  • Sydni Schultz
    Sydni Schultz
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  • Deon Kessler
    Deon Kessler
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