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    This indeed was theft -- done without my knowledge -- not an agreement between us of any kind. I found out about it later during an audit and then asked her for the money back. I was hoping the situation would resolve itself but to no avail. I have voicemails and emails from her acknowledging that she knew she shouldn't have done it, but claiming she needed the money, etc. So....I would just like to know if Arizona allows for damages when I sue her?

    Did she take it from you personally or did you give it to her Loganville did she take it from the company without anyone knowing and you found out and are now asking it back. if you voluntarily gave it to her without making some sort of agreement (contract) stating that she would pay you back then she has no obligation. IF it was from the actual company then the company should have not even given her money because it is the COMPANY but if thats the case and they have a signed or verbal agreement to get the money back then THEY should sue...... if there was no agreement signed or verbal either from you personally or the company it will be hard to prove to any judge that she owes anything because technically you never said she agreed to pay it back......you have to prove to the court that you made an agreement but really its your word against hers. then yes if you are the employer then you can represent the company and sue her for the money. i just went through the same experience through a friend and the company got half of what my friends ex husband stole..... needing money or not its wrong and she should be punished.

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