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    I hope California does what Arizona is doing right now. Did you know that California spends hundreds of millions on Illegal Immigrants in jail right now! Without them, California schools would no longer have to be cut money and Prisons would cost less! Who believes that Illegal Immigrants who dont pay tax and benefits off of America should be kicked out of the country?

    I don't like the law because I don't think it puts the blame where it belongs. Most illeagal immigrants are low income with limited education and no knowledge of US Laws. They came to the US because they were desperate and they heard from friends and relatives they could earn a living in the USA. On the other hand there are businesses who hire these people who know EXACTLY what they are doing. They are avoiding paying taxes, providing benefits and paying substandard wages so they can have bigger profits. These businesses know perfectly well they are breaking the law and they aren't desperate, just greedy cheaters. What we SHOULD be doing is going after the businesses that are exploiting the illeagal immigrants. If there was no work for them here, they wouldn't come.

    It's not a new law, its more like enforcing an existing law. and if it is illegal, then is has to be punished. You stealing my money is illegal and therefor you have to be punished. I just cannot understand all the questioning about it. The worst of it, these people stan up and start a riot and deface our buildings and destroy property - isn't that illegal too? Where has this country come to?

    Anti- American??? There seems to be a tragic mix-up regarding the reactions to the new legilation in Arizona. The proposed anti immigration laws have been termed Anti- American. How so???? Is it Anti-American to try and face a serious problem head on? Is it Anti-American to expect AMERICAN citizens to cooperate with police to help resolve this serious problem? I was stopped the other night during a routine DUI checkpoint. The officers asked me for my drivers license and registration, proof of insurance, etc. They asked where I was coming from and if I had been drinking. They even asked me to blow into a breathalizer to determine my blood alcohol level. I could have reacted arrogantly and stubbornly, knowing that I was completely alcohol free and all my documents were in perfect order. How dare these officers delay my drive home and make me miss 30 minutes of basketball playoffs!!!!! How dare they request that I give them my hard earned breath and prove to them that I had not been drinking!!! Who do they think they are??!! Then I remembered-- These officers are actually fighting/preventing drunk driving. These officers are actually removing drivers from the highway that kill thousands of innocent people each year. But still, is that worth 30 minutes of my priceless time????? The police have actually caught serious criminals during these routine/random searches. I wonder how many would be drunk drivers have made it a habit to find a "designated driver" because of these DUI checkpoints??? I wonder how many people have been saved this year from serious injury or even death because someone decided not to drive drunk on any given night because of these check points????? What if the answer to these questions is 712 people, or maybe 36 people or maybe just one single person??? Isnt one single person's life worth it????? Isnt one person's life worth 30 minutes of your time? Come on America!!! Whats wrong with your sense of reasoning???? Have we all become so high and mighty or personally sensitive that we cannot stop and show a police officer our papers? Are we so arrogant that we cannot assist law enforcement with a little patience so that they might actually catch ILLEGAL immmigrants??? Or do we just continue to protest and say--I WILL NOT DO MY PART TO HELP--in fact,DONT ASK Loganville ANY QUESTIONS BECAUSE I DONT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE SOLUTION. I ONLY WANT CHARITY RESULTS. Someone once said, " ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Shame on the American citizens who dont want to help solve a very serious problem affecting the lives of so many. It only takes a little patience and tolerance and just maybe this HUGE problem can be solved or at least reduced to manageable levels.

    Um we have been kicking their asses back across the border for years, they are back within a week

    The law is, and is going to be enforced, as it should be. The liberal B.S. stops at Arizona's border. Good for them!

    Finally it's Loganville to be an intolerant racist! Let all your hate out!

    Well, the Govenor seemed pleased with herself...

    Illegal alien = criminal = deportation, period!

Can someone help me? Im tryin to learn about credit scores ?

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    America Wiegand
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    Luella Blanda
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    Tito Stark
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  • Pasquale Green
    Pasquale Green
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  • Justen Schoen
    Justen Schoen
    Yeah , i know sheer volume is it and small scores are a good idea