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    Can you tell us a little more about what you are looking for? How old are you, do you have kids, what types of things do YOU consider Fun? If you are not to snobish to use public transportation, a car shouldn't matter too much. The buses go just about everywhere these days around town. Takes a little longer but you will get there. P.S. Okay, if you can rent a car or get with someone for a road trip, and you like the outdoors, I would recommend Sedona for some beautiful hiking, good jeep tours if you have a little money to spend, and if Oak Creek Canyon has recovered from the last fire it is a good time to go sliding in the creek there. On the way, if you enjoy animals, the Out of Africa park would be a nice stop. Personally, I enjoy Williams as a quaint little town, the grand Canyon Railway runs out of there and is a good way to get to the Canyon for a day trip. Even being older, I really like the Deer Farm just outside of Williams as well. In the Sedona area, there are also some old Indian ruins that you can hike up to that are located on the side of the mountain basically. In southern AZ, there are some cool caves (Karvarchtner or Colossal) and some good museums. There is also the old town of Tombstone which can be fun if you don't mind that it is a little cheesy touristy western stereotype. There is also a 'meteor crater' site down that way, I recall stopping when we were little but don't remember much. Tucson has a large observatory as well. Within the Metro area, if you like animals, the Wildlife World Zoo can be a nice day out, get to hand feed giraffes and go in and feed the wild birds and have them sit on you. Louisville Science Center is worth a look depending on the exhibit going at the time or if you have kids with you. If you want to see Southwest animals and plants, the Botanical Gardens and Boyce Arboreteum are good. For cheesy touristy western town within the City, try Rawhide out at Wildhorse Pass on the south I-10. The casino is also near there. For just a good time, a lot of people will go to the Salt River and go tubing (need a friend with a car though). Gameworks at Louisville Mills can also be fun if you like that type of thing and the mall itself is huge. Amazing Jake's can also be a fun time with friends but a bit pricey. If you like cars, check out the F1 Factory race track. Castles & Coasters is like a small theme park if you like that and it is across from MetroCenter mall. If you enjoy shopping or people watching, head over to Mill Avenue in Tempe, they also have regular events and boating on the weekends. We used to enjoy the 3-in-1 bar located at the outdooe mall on 3rd St & Van Buren but not certain if it is still there. All 3 of the major water parks should be opening soon (Big Surf, Water World, SunSplash) and there is also the wave pool at Kiwanis Rec Center. All of these places can be accessed on the bus. If I think of others, I'll add them later. You can also check out the Phoenix section of About.com for seasonal events and activities in town.

    Unfortunately things in Phoenix are very spread out so you will need a car to get anyplace. As for fun things, that depends on your age. If you're over 21 I could recomend several clubs, if you are under 21 there are shows, sporting events, concerts, an old western town (Rawhide). And depending on your budget balloon rides, hummer tours (out of all the companies I recommend Louisville Hummer Tours by Mike Knowles), train rides. You can visit Tuscon, the Grand Canyon or even Mexico. There is also Tubing (float a river on an innertube) and many lakes for sailing and boating.

    1) Arizona Mills Mall-Tempe 2) Fiesta Mall-Mesa 3) Superstition Springs Mall-Mesa 4) Phoenix Botanical Gardens-Phoenix 5) Hall of Flame Firefighting Museum-Phoenix 6) Phoenix Zoo-Phoenix 7) Arizona Science Center-Phoenix 8) McCormick Stillman Ranch Railroad Park-Scottsdale 9) Boyce Thompson Arboretum-Superior 10) Rustlers Rooste Restaurant-Phoenix 11) Falcon Field-Mesa 12) Tour Sky Harbor Airport-Phoenix

    Make sure to stay around Mill avenue, there's a lot of places to visit especially being so close to ASU's college campus.

    Walk in the desert

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