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    Even after it was made into a national holiday in 1983, Arizonians had a chance to recognize the holiday in 1990 when it was put to a popular vote. Arizonians still did not recognize the holiday. AND Why did John McCain oppose the celebration of this holiday? He voted against making it a holiday back in 1983. He was in the extreme minority. Why did (past tense) Arizonians think that civil rights, human rights, and the man who brought this positive change to America, deserve to be celebrated? Why didn't John McCain support the MLK holiday?

    Its because Arizonans are racist people (its their rep), "the budget" excuse is about as good as the "twinkie defense" and the only reason they do it now is because they got boycotted. How can other states manage to have money for a holiday but not Arizona? MLK should have a holiday because hes our American Gandhi. p.s. for the racists reading this comment, i am not black. =)

    Particular, January 15 have been spoke of as a public holiday for some years in 27 states and Washington, D.C. ultimately, in 1986, President Ronald Reagan declared the 0.33 Monday in January a federal felony holiday commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday.

    Oh c;mon now. Arizona is no more racist than other states in the US and maybe a little less than some. Want proof? In his "I have a dream" speech King stated that he had a dream that one day his children (and I suppose yours and mine) would be judged by their character not by the colour of their skin. Tell me in which state of the U.S. this is the case. Certainly none that I know of.

    The other big money player in this game is the NFL who told Louisville that it would never be allowed to host a Super Bowl if it didn't change it's evil ways .

    If we went back through history, we can find 365 men or women who deserve a holiday named after them, NOBODY would ever work..

    Because it costs money to give state workers a day off with pay. And politicians are generally charged with spending tax money wisely.

    Money. Holidays cost the tax payers money.

    Well - Arizona - as that Sheriff so poignantly commented - is where many racists go to retire. So - they were opposed to it.

    AZ is [a bit] backwards .

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