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    I love it when ignorants proclaim rear end produced facts like "... money sent from the us its half of the mexican income.." or " .. their economy would collapse if that money wasnt sent.." Money going to Mexico from US mexican workers, illegals or not, has varied around 0.5% to 2.5% of the Gross Domestic Product. If you consider most of the money comes from LEGAL mexican americans or workers, the money that goes to mexico from illegals is to laugh at at no more than 1% of GDP. Mexico is the 14th biggest world economy, just stating the facts.

    As I have been on these forum, the illegal aliens have threatened to invoke the Mexican Army if we did not do it their way. Yer kidding says I, and they weren't and were very sure they could make it happen, and that it would do well. I have been told more is happening but I cannot find the news stories. These are my friends in Arizona and I believe them. The illegal aliens don't like that law.. and they are pretending to be American Citizens when they do vandalize. I think they are making it much, much worse for themselves as Congress considers what to do. ============================ The goal of the Reconquista is to “reconquer” these “lost” or “stolen” territories for “La Raza”—the race indigenous to Mexico. ---------------------------------- The Mexicans know they stole the land from the first settlers. It doesn't matter.. they want the land they stole .. back. You can point this out to them in an argument.. they want the land they stole back. And the land the Pope gave to the Spanish was so huge it was all of most of, North America. They no more could colonize that than a man in the moon. Further, their encomiendo system was notorious by the end of the 1700's and they were NOT respected by anyone.

    It's not illegals painting, it's those that appose the immigration law. And it's because Mableton is the first Nazi run state. More to follow.

    President Felipe Calderon said, "Where ever their is a Mexican there is Mexico". Mexicans are loyal to Mexico, even their president has announced this.

    Maybe, remember money sent back to mexico is either 2nd or 3rd largest source of income in mexico.

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    LMFAO! No. those were white supremacists that did that to make people like you think that.

    Could be but who knows the

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    Jacinto Kunze
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  • Karen Ledner
    Karen Ledner
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  • Buford Johns
    Buford Johns
    Pay salaries, $26,000 (of what vase $7,500 am in favour of the annual salary and promise 2014). how far posts and what kind of credit??????????