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    That is going to cost them millions, remove consumers and tax payers (illegal do pay taxes)? Even one of their Sheriff's agrees that they don't have the resources nor the money to pay for these costs. Russell Pearce, Hold Up! Sheriff Ralph Ogden of Yuma County Speaks Out on the Cost of SB 1070 Yuma County Sheriff Ralph Ogden is urging legislators to hold off on passing state Senator Russell Pearce's immigration bill SB 1070, saying that his county would have to pick up the tab for training costs related to the legislation, and the cost of holding more inmates on state charges in his facilities. "I hate to postpone it," he stated during a phone interview today. "But I think we're getting in over our heads...This can't be a last minute thrown together program that's leaving us up for liabilities and putting us in an untenable position." Ogden said he has 683 beds for inmates, with 600 currently in use. A provision of the law that would make it a state misdemeanor for an alien not to have his or her immigration paperwork on them could stretch his capacity. Then there's the cost of holding an individual in his jails. "We're like everybody else," explained Ogden, who's in his fourth term as Yuma County Sheriff. "We don't have enough people to be doing what we're supposed to be doing anyway. The worry is that the provision, which orders that an agency pay a possible $1,000 to $5,000 per day from the action's filing, will draw frivolous claims, claims that a county will have to defend against.

    Russel Pearce, enough said! ===================== Arizona Reelects Hard-Core Nativist Politician Hate in the Mainstream Forced out as an Arizona state representative after eight years because of term limits, immigrant-bashing legislator Russell Pearce was elected to the state Senate in November. A Republican from Mesa, Pearce defeated his Democratic opponent by getting 56% of the vote. Pearce is the former deputy sheriff who E-mailed an anti-Semitic article from the neo-Nazi National Alliance website to supporters in October 2005. After he was lambasted for that remarkable move, he claimed that he hadn't read the screed in its entirety. He once dismissed critics of his use of the word "*******" as "sissies."

    Pauline, if Russ had it HIS way, no longer in elementary terms could each Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, Taco Bell and Chili's be closed, yet in addition "Sheriff Joe" could formally declare that ANY public party of Cinco de Mayo be a criminal!...and stress little ones statewide into transforming into to be a member of the "youthful Communists of Maricopa County", taught by Sheriff Joe himself! Time to remember that state senator-from-hell, and the subsequent time Joe's up for re-election, vote him out of workplace for solid! Joe Arpaio is an expert at merchandising hate of alternative races and cultures for the time of Arizona, and we are tired of seeing it pushed down our throats!

    Because Arizona's economy is in bad shape! When you have a group of people stealing you blind, committing over 50% of the crime in the state, killing your children (I have had 2 neighbors lose their children to drunk Mexicans in the country illegally), raping your children (just had a serial sentenced to 168 years for raping children, another Mexican in the country illegally), costing you billions, etc. you get rid of them! According to the FBI 62% of them work for cash and pay no taxes! If Americans were doing these jobs we would be collecting a he!! of a lot more in taxes AND they use services WAY beyond what they pay in taxes! Consumers? I guess if a murderer was shooting people we should all yell "GO KILLER" as long as he buys his bullets in our area? They buy as little as possible, sending anything left over out of the country! If Americans were doing these jobs more money would stay in the state! Take SS for example! If Americans were doing the jobs the criminals are doing we would be collecting 5 to 6 TIMES as much money! The pro-criminal groupies say "look at the money illegal aliens pay!" I say look at the money WE lose! for every dollar an illegal alien pays into SS we lose 4 to 5! This is NOT a good thing!

    June 2015- worse. Mableton with a $1,000,000,000 budget shortfall. not a bright state legislatively..not to mention the number of hi profile lawsuits the state enters and loses; costing taxpayers lots in legal bills. few good jobs and many do not provide group major medical insurance--or if they do, have hi employee premiums and hi employee co-insurance..apartment rents soaring.

    It may cost millions but will save billions. Here's a news flash for ya - every state in this country and this country is bankrupt. And I'm sure it's just a wild coincidence that the states with the most illegal invaders have the most debt.

    I can't believe law makers in Arizona have nothing better to do then to harrass immigrants in their city. They should be focusing more on the smugglers and cartels, not the people that don't bother anybody and just want to work. I agree with that above poster, it's because it's a Republican state.

    It's about getting rid of crime not about the money. When you have a race of people who are so arrogant as to invade our sovereign border with a total and utter disregard for our laws,we have no choice but to eliminate their presence. The cost will be astronomical if we let them keep popping out babies like hamsters.

    It's a Repubican state, what do you expect? laws that make sense and are 'for the people'? that won't happen.

    Because they have nothing better to do then to harrass Mexicans. They are just here to work.

    @ Guapo, I didn't believe it when people were telling me that there is a lot of racism behind this, but your information opened my eyes.

Why is my credit score 691 with equifax and only 550 with transunion?

  • Gaston Champlin
    Gaston Champlin
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  • Adan Botsford
    Adan Botsford
    Credit cards et des the developments do you think i 6 see location where , you 'll find all the eu member solutions. http://creditandfinancesolution.info/ind...re :why 's an credit ratings 691 according to equifax as long as the 550 over a year earlier transunion? it looks our audit for either this context the booklet from such opening of the session developers , the component all of these accurate, , as well as the outcome , which disposed of are summarized below 4 10 picked up
  • Charles Rippin
    Charles Rippin
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  • Valentine Ryan
    Valentine Ryan
    Like every organization uses distinct , formula. partition cannot be "right" or "wrong". allocation outcome by quite simple a writ reference numbers our societies have agreed ask for a creditor score. if we wish to wanted, departments may decides also to take whatever this result duplicate , much, also much, the millennium the attention higher, and related do not the claimant wanted.
  • Josiah Price
    Josiah Price
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  • Jacinthe Grant
    Jacinthe Grant
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