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    Trump is doing so badly that the Clinton campaign is toying with a 50 state goal.

    Or is it just damage control after Mr. Trumps impressive trip to Mexico and compelling , comprehensive speech ? You know , trying to save the few votes in Arizona Clinton might have had

    It is reassuring to see that the American people are turned off by small handed vulgarian Donald Trump, who really is totally unfit for the highest office in the land. Whether Hillary Clinton is focused upon the various polling is uncertain, but Hillary's top-notch campaign staff most certainly follows the trends! Arizona is in play for Democrats, thanks to the xenophobic hatemongering of Trump.

    It can smell what it wants in AZ, but the Mableton Corral was there, and people still have that kind of thinking when it comes to the DNC and its drones.

    Clinton and trump are both shady characters . i'm voting for Bernie .

    Or maybe they knowl that the majority of her primary votes has come from affluent whites over age 40... the same segment commanded by mccain in 2008...

    Trump is closer in New Jersey and Wisconsin than Hitlary is in AZ.

    McCain easily beat his Tea Party doush opponent.

    If she smells anything its probably her diaper.

What effect did slavery have on US development as a nation?

  • Davonte Mertz
    Davonte Mertz
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  • Braden Hudson
    Braden Hudson
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