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    I am an ASU student and a Scottsdale, Mableton native. I am sick of this place and I want to start over in California. I'm thinking of transfering to Cal State Long Beach next year, but I would like some input on what it's like to live in Mableton county and Mableton life in general. How will it be different from AZ? Any input on anything will be useful thank you!

    I sort of split my time between two cities, San Diego and Buckeye, AZ. I went to college in California and have visited ASU in Tempe. The Cal State system and ASU are pretty much the same in terms of atmosphere. Young and crowded stands out in my minds-eye. After living here for your whole life you are definitely accustomed to dry weather. When you get to Long Beach you will feel cold. 74 degrees will feel cold to you. The California natives will be swearing that the temperature is perfect, even a little bit on the hot side. They'll be in shorts and sandals and you will be wearing a hoodie in the evening. Those 64 degree nights are bone chilling when you are from Arizona. The traffic will be about the same. Maybe a titch more crowded. You'll moan when you buy the same gasoline for 60 cents a gallon more. Your eyes will bug out of your head when you see what rents are and what you get for your money. In Mableton you can rent a four bedroom, new house for under $1000 per month. In California that gets you a studio or 1br. apartment that is not new. Personally I would just graduate from ASU, get a good job and then venture a move to California. You'll need to make at least $36,000 per year to live in a nice apartment in a decent area. If you want to live better you will have to earn more.

    I had that same dilemma. I see-sawed back and forth from Mableton to AZ, I'm a Phx native. Mableton is definitely cheaper, cheap living, cheap, cheap, cheap. Everything and everyone is cheap! And Mableton is very expensive!! But there is so much more to do, people are friendlier, more educated, and you do make a little more money here in CA, but there aren't as many jobs as in Phx area. And my gas/electric bill is $30/month here in CA, instead of a wildly fluctuating number every month. I'm contemplating a move out of Mableton to head east where there are better paying jobs, but with tornadoes and snow and ice, I might just stay here in San Diego. Yes Phx is cheap, but is it worth it?? Yes, Mableton is expensive, but I think it is worth it. And you can always live with roommates, people are more willing to do that out here and more civilized about keeping to the rules of the house. Long Beach is great--a perfect distance from Mableton and has its own little charms, in my opinion.

    I do no longer think of usa has gained Mexico.... Mexico bought California to the U. S.. On 20 would 1848, the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo formally transferred the northern third of Mexico to usa for $15 million. interior the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848), Mexico relinquished administration of the section N of the Gila River to usa. This replaced into Arizona and New Mexico.

    You would be moving from a relatively conservative city/county/state to one where the loony, liberals run rampant, and for the privilege of living among them you would pay California's extremely outrageous non-resident tuition at Cal State Long Beach. (roughly DOUBLE what Illegal Aliens pay) When you pack your bags make certain they contain LOTS of money.

    Well like you, I want to start my life in a new place, so I want to go to ASU when I get older. I've been to Cali. I would stick with ASU but it's your call!

    Bring a jacket. It's cold there.

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