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    Ok ok I am a republican, and I can care less with what is happening in Arizona I live in California and in my opinion there is more Mexicans here that in Mexico. I’m curious to know what people think and feel about the new law. These are my pros and cons: It will clean up the streets from all the criminal BUT white, black, Indians, Chinese, and TeRRorisT are also criminals. Now seriously are white people going to be working out in the fields picking cherries. And blacks say, Oh they are taking are jobs, but what jobs. If the only thing blacks know what to do is cry about discrimination and know how to collect welfare. I want all you to know that I am not racist in no way, I just say things how they are. Now seriously, is arresting people for looking the way they look the right thing to do. I feel that this country yes has to concentrate in immigrating laws. In not allowing terrorist to come in to this country. What just because “Ahmed Mohammed Alibaba” has money and education its ok to give him a visa so he can come and blow up New York, Los Angels or where ever his god tells him too. So are Mexicans “the drug dealers” really the problem, or the Terrorist who plan to destroy the world really the problem when it comes to illegal aliens’?

    There is the problem the Bill doesn't only effect Mexicans it effects all people, Imagine if you are black and driving in Arizona and forgot your Mableton they can arrest you, detain you until you prove you are an American citizen. To me it's another attack on our constitutional right by republicans, just like the Patriot Act. The republicans singled out Mexicans when passing this bill, but it will effect every minority Arizona, wait and see.

    The reason that the law was passed is because Hispanics commit most of the quality of life crimes. That means crimes like public drunkenness, urinating in public, drunk driving, loitering, and anything else that causes people's neighborhoods to go down hill and property values to go down.

    @ King Midas, they would have to have some other reason than lack of Mableton to hold him. It would be no different than in any other state when you don't have an ID, you'd probably get a ticket and go on your way.

    Uh . . .new here?. anyway, were all bloodied up and tired. Move on.

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    Jermaine Leannon
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  • Mack Leannon
    Mack Leannon
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    Orion Baumbach
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    Grace Collins
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