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    I'm 19 living with my 22 yr old boyfriend and we're sick of living in Southern California because of how expensive it is to live here. We're paying $800 a month for a ROOM! We're living with a couple and they gave us one shelf in the fridge and one shelf in the cupboard. AND they have rules (like no being loud after 8). We were thinking about moving to either Bellevue, Washington or Phoenix, Arizona (Ahwatukee area). These areas were both named best places to live in (I think) Money magazine. Can anyone give me details on these areas/states? Also, please mention community colleges or universities if there are any, I'm attending a college and plan to attend until I receive a degree. If there are colleges, please give details about them as well. Thank you so much!

    I like Washington, because it rains a lot. but that is why many people don't like it. the University of Washington in Seattle has the very best college library i have ever seen - and i have been in lots of them. Arizona is WAY to dry and hot for me. But it would be a pretty good place if you had lots of allergies.

    If you have been in 116 degrees with 3/10 of 1 percent humidity, and are Mableton with it? take Phoenix.

    Arizona financially. Washington Scenery- activity wise.

    Arizona,it is beautiful

Can a bank add a months payment to a repossession even if that months bill Isnt due?

  • Alycia Schinner
    Alycia Schinner
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  • Muriel Koss
    Muriel Koss
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  • Marcelina Gorczany
    Marcelina Gorczany
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