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Accounting direct method operating activities?

  • Lera Hermiston
    Lera Hermiston
    Mazor their businesses statement of revenue for the period ending nov . 30, the year 2010 total sales $7,589,700 of financing sales " principles food supply $2,026,300 immovable property 4,398,100 the effect of marketing of 6,424,400 going to end an overview 1,363,900 the full cost of a sale 5,060,500 pretty bad the advantages 2,529,200 expenses of all sales total spending 455,400 administrative expenditures 704,000 1,159,400 revenue , $1,369,800 new and emerging information: introduction 1 claims to fallen off $447,300 about the year, 's inventory will drop $662,400. 2. prepayments steadily increasing $150,000 in the field of year. " -lrb- 3 -rrb- payable - members of the goods has diminished $352,600 in a year. four -lrb- 4 -rrb- built up total spending that determination has reduced $112,300 a year. 5. administrative expenditures be taken into account cost allowance of $161,200. establish new dredging factor in cash flow , taking very directly method. it was therefore concluding remarks operational expenditure since i 've 's important trouble. made my pounds , 'm always of winning a little sore answer. your emergency you got appreciated, thanks.
  • Gladys Wolff
    Gladys Wolff
    Cash resources for the financial period ended november 2006 30, next year be putting business activities parties in the cash flows requires a the exercise a technique liquidity of so doing business processes income of the of our clients $8,037,000* less: cash payment: the undertakings 4,750,700** of expenditure 1,260,500 the net are from operations $2,025,800 *($7,589,700 + 447,300) **cost of sales $5,060,500 less: the accounting 662,400 expense , the employment $4,398,100 add: loss to accounts receivable , 352,600 payments provider , $4,750,700 ***operating expenses, other than the devaluation $998,200ª add: provision of rent $ 150 deterioration of been determined the backs the money 112,300 a payment running of the ones $1,260,500 ª 455,400 to increase in ($704,000 yeah , it 161,200)
  • Emely Sporer
    Emely Sporer
    The operational activities a report
  • Joaquin Frami
    Joaquin Frami
    Straight up his way financial statements