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    I am in process of buying a home and settlement will be oct 31st I just realized today that they require a cashier check for closing, which would not be a problem but I am in Arizona and my bank account is in Pennsylvania and this bank operates only in PA. The only way they can wire money to a bank here is either going there or mailing a request with signature. This would take too long. Somebody told me to write myself a check and cash it in the Arizona bank but this can take long too. Any short cuts? Will I lose my earnest deposit if it funds are not transferred by settlement day. Help!!!!!!!

    I have bank accounts in a few states, and I would not consider physically traveling to one of them for a simple wire transaction. I take it that you have a bank account Macon Arizona. If not, then WHERE would you wire any money to? So, call your Macon bank and ask them about wiring the funds to your Macon account. You might also talk to you Macon bank about that same issue. Then the two banks can communicate and resolve your problem. If your Macon bank simply refuses to accommodate you, then you'll want an immediate transfer of all funds from the Macon bank to your Macon bank, which your Macon bank can accommodate you. You have 9 days for this to happen, which is plenty of time. You may not lose your deposit on the home, but nobody is going to be very friendly when all parties have been brought together and you're not ready. Postponements are a pain.

    Call your settlement company and ask they if you can wire the money directly to them from your bank. That's usually the fastest way to get it done. Then all you would need to do is to fax a signed letter to your bank (or send an original by fed ex overnight) with the settlement company's routing number and bank account number for them to send it to.

    See if you can send the wire transfer request by overnight delivery and have it processed the same day. ✩

    If you have Internet banking its easy and immediate. Just click on "my account" and it will explain there how you can do it.

    Write that check tomorrow and deposit it. it will clear by wednesday.

    No intrest only loans they will KILL YOU!!!! trust me real life experience

    Internet backing!...Im sure that all backs have this faciltity!...wether its a british /american or any other back...

    Money mart

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