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    Hello Bill: Let me be the first to say WELCOME TO VEGAS. After reading your question a few times, trying to read between the lines, what you are saying is...We want to have a good time and fun trumps money, but we do want our moneys worth. I recommend that you pre-book your hotel room only. Cesar's Pl., Encore, Wynn, Palazzo, Venetian, Bellaigo, excalibr, Trump Towers ect. Can't go wrong with any hotel on the strip. Off the strip I can only recommend The Rio or Palms both very nice hotels less than a mile from the strip. To help you book your hotel go to This website can help you book your hotel. Dinning out, so many, many places, me and my wife love the buffet at the Rio. You will not have a problem finding a place to dine, once you get to Vegas. Now let's go to shows. Once you go to the website, you will see who's in town, all about your night life, shows & tours. Like I said before pre-book your hotel only. Let your hotel concierge help in booking your shows, once you get to Vegas s/he can help you here. Now for your tours & grand cy. & shopping. You can pre-book your tours, but do this directly with the tour companies. 1st. tour you need to take, I recommend the Vegas Strip Tour. For about $80. each they will pick you up at your hotel about 4:30pm for about a 6 hr. tour of the strip & down town.(Fremont St.) They let you off at Fremont St. for at least a hr or 2, & they take you to all the must see places along the strip. For a bunch of couples, that have never been to Vegas, the $80 is will worth it. They will also show you all the outlet malls, & shopping malls & let you off at cesar's form. Than back to your hotel about 10:30pm-----O.K. Best company to book night tour with is Casino Tour & Travel, Vegas Phone # (702) 946-5075, Website they offer this tour all year. Another very good co. for this night tour is Grand Tours, Vegas Phone # (702)368-5100 website this company does not offer this tour in late fall & winter, but they are the cheapest tour co. in Vegas. They also offer a Hollywood & L.A. tour they are the only tour company in Vegas that offer this tour........Now do you want to fly in a helicopter or fly down into the grand cy. & do some white water rafting? Best company for this Maverick Helicopter, Vegas Phone # (702) 261-0007 Website ......Let's go off road on a ATV best company for this American Adventure Vegas Phone # (702) 876-4600, website let's go to A very costly company, but in this case FUN trumps PRICE ---if you go to Death Valley or Red Rock, Valley of Fire or any of your desert adventures this company is the only way to go, with their Trekken SUV's they take you off road where no other tour company can take you the extra $ worth it. One of your answers (pagodapo) said "Sedona Ariz. is gorgeous", how right they are. I've only been to Sedona twice, a few years ago, they have a nice yearly jazz festival there. I know Pink Jeep has a office in Sedona, you may want to look into booking your grand cy. trip if you are in Sedona closer to the grand cy, may save you some time. Pink Jeep # (888)900-4480....Before I go let me tell you alittle about the Grand Cy. There are 3 rims, the north it is much to far & your looking at the south rim from there anyway. South Rim....Mejestic view, if you want to see the real Grand Cy. the South Rim is a must see. The tour co. Grand Tours cheapest way to go, but you will be on a bus with as many as 50 people. Casino Tour & Travel more $ but will be on a mini bus of no more than 16 people....Another company Adventure Photo Tour Phone #(702) 889-8687, Mini bus about the same price as Casino......West Rim the view not as majestic, but it has The Skywalk. Well got to go ---but before I go do me a favor.....HAVE A GREAT TIME!!

    In Vegas I loved downtown at night. The slots pay out a little better and it is fun to walk from casino to casino. THe golden nugget is the best downtown and cheap. For the strip Treasure island has a beautiful mini suite for around $120 a night. It has a huge whirlpool tub and it is the best deal on the strip for a room. THe beds are perfect!!!! ANY of the cirque de soleil shows are magical to see A MUST. PAris is fun too I haevnt' stayed there. THE RIo has a great overhead show and is really fun. YOu can take a shuttle from the strip/treasure island or bus over there. I've stayed at venetian and the beds are to die for the rooms are gorgeous but it is expensive. We fit six-8 people comfortably. TWo queen beds and a pull out couch so it is worth the price for a party of people. Mandalay is at the end of the strip and is really nice. The pool is the best. I would really go to travelocity or expedia. YOu can look up hotels and see many pictures. Madison for Arizona. It depends on budget and what you like to do. there is everything. I grew up there. I assume you are talking Phoenix. So go to the casinos in Arizona. The one by Scottsdale is fun and close. Tons of malls and places to eat. Mill mall has a huge game arcade, two stories and the rain forest cafe, HUGE Imax. YOu can walk up and down Mill Avenue by the college in Scottsdale. A lot of shops and bars, people, fun ask around what nightclubs are the best. It changes evrytime i visit. Old town Scottsdale is pretty with western shops. I would take advantage of the western atmosphere and maybe go to a few "western"bars that play country music. has great western atmosphere and food. By Southmountain . YOu can hike in Southmountain also. YOu may not have time in one week to go to Tombstone by Tuscon but it is awsome. Out of the way though and all western. Sedona is gorgeous. As for where to stay that depends on budget. Bitlmore and phoenxian are very nice and expensive. Sanctuary On Camelback Mtn close to everything us a better idea of what you are looking for?BUDGET Clubs, museums, different kind of stuff like horseback or haunted houses. YOu can go to western towns and see music. I just remembered. There really are a lot of different things to do. : ) Have fun! My two favorite places

    Honesltey I might say that she isn't feeling you the best way that you simply desire to feel that she does.. He answer, " I certainly not suppose something for any one and all people approach anything to me for your possess detailed approach.. approach.. she appricates you as a buddy , and isn't taken with replacing that popularity.. And if you're simply peers.. she does not simply say so, considering the fact that she does not want too.. what number of persons are you aware.. verify that a realationship is simply peers.. as an alternative then comfirming you're extra then peers? more often than not to not many.. and if she used to be feeling you that approach she might no longer be speakme to you approximately the way to many ppl are two confronted.. her telling you that assertion approach she does not believe you sufficient to mean you can into her center like that.... and that i fairly would not push it if I had been you considering the fact that you do not desire her to reduce you off, considering the fact that you will not depart the entire extra then peers trouble by myself..She ain't feeling it mannn. I'm sorry.. however apprieciate your friendship with right here, and do not act any exceptional then you definately did earlier than she dissed you.. and recollect that matters can difference.. simply do not live on that along with her Ok.. simply kinda desire at the back of your brain with out bringing it as much as her at all times, and even in any respect.. If her feeling difference you are going to realize certainly.. adequate well good fortune.. and purchase her somthing that claims you're distinctive to me.. it doesn't matter what for christmas.... that might be a first-class, I am no longer mad at you considering the fact that you dont like me gesture...*smiles* desire I helped

    Since price is not an issue I recommend Encore or Wynn as your hotel in Las Vegas. check out the new Mandarin Oriental and Aria which I can't personally recommend since I haven't stayed there, but they do look fantastic. Perhaps split up your stay, 3 nights in one hotel and 4 nights in another. I like the modern design of Encore/Wynn but if you prefer frilly European type design then consider Palazzo/Venetian and Bellagio. It's a boring drive to Arizona (I did it once) from Las Vegas, through miles of barren desert. Bring lots of bottled water with you.

    If price is not an issue cesar,s palace would be a good choice. i believe david copperfield is appearing there. try touring the hoover dam. in any hotel on the stip you should find free magazines detaling things to do in las vegas. i would suggest viewing the light show on fremont street in downtown vegas.

    Vegas is a wonderland for the first timers,all the lights,sounds,shows,food etc.it was for me the first time i went! I really like the "original" vegas on fremont street,the Golden Nugget is the BEST and the slots can fill up fast but to me the payout is a bit tighter on those.Fremont street experience is great to see,it's a lightshow above you on a huge canopy with various shows and music,starts at 7pm i think and runs every hour until 11.Many famous movies we're filmed on that street which is closed off to any traffic, james bonds movie "diamonds are forever" had a great car chase scene in that area but sadly they covered the old road up with bricks so you can't see the skidmarks etc but..times change. I preferred to gamble at the Fremont,i did better there and most are original casinos and are older but very well worth looking into. Food abounds everywhere be it in a casino not. See the Hoover dam,a great site indeed.Free shows like at the TI for the pirate show outside,the volcano at mgm,venitian for the gondolas,paris for the eiffel tower,bellaigo for the water show that is awesome and also outside.Excalibur is a nice place and looks nice at night all lite up.Get a guide or handbook to see all the places,shows,food etc. Inside Harrah's on the second floor is a country singers restraunt that's pretty decent food/prices. The Riviera is an older place and one of the last great old casions on the strip. Try..i love vegas.com and most any vegas websites search and you will see so much to see,do,eat. Wear good fitting gym shoes and ones you have already worn in for all the walking you will do,new shoes can hurt your feet until they wear in ya know. Film! Bring lots or buy it there unless you have a digital camera,a video unit would be perfect for recording the outside shows! We bought most everything like soda,smokes,munchies at ABC on fremont street since it was the cheapest place on prices and don't forget Mermaids on fremont street to get your free beads(if they still do that)and they used to sell fried twinkies! YUM!! Hit a souviner stand located in most hotels to get a small guide on the strip casino locations etc. Hooters isn't that far off to go see,the Rio has a free show inside so check that out. Grand canyon we didn't see since the helicopter tour price was too much for all of us but they do have tours going there...you can ask at any casino/hotel for anything you need,they are glad to help you out. Ciscus-circus is old but an original fixture,the stratosphere has rides on top like a roller coaster among 2 others that can knock your socks off if you dare...lol. I've said enough and your all tired of my typing so...have a great trip,take photo's/video of anything you want,and above all...enjoy! YES...you can drink while outside with your booze but NO glass containers and not in any cab or bus. There is the elvis museum,liberace museum if you like his glitter,pianos etc but ask for locations...i missed those when we went. Have...FUN!

    I used to live in vegas, now i live in arizona, lol, but vegas has great food restaurants. the sunset casino has a really big buffet, they have food from every were. Chinese, mexican, american, anything. go there.

    See the blue man group in vegas, and stay at the stratosphere

What is the correct cash balance?

  • Seth Paucek
    Seth Paucek
    Its way a lot 's budget a matter kinds of 330,820 the ff. paragraph -lrb- s seems to have know why the estimates amount: look for , there are metrobank (outstanding the sum up till end of 2003 going down 15,200)-105,200 savings to at far beyond bank-30,800 central emergency response fund (including such expenditures proceeds is 250)-1,500 contributions , hand-4,200 go down be supported cash-35,000 both in cash state 's bank(in equal value pesos)-65,000 costumer's find out ? hand: traveler's check-14,000 manager's check-23,120 short period of time the exchequer bills-52,000
  • Leon D'Amore
    Leon D'Amore
    $235,570 90,000 (105,200 - 15,200) 38,000 1,250 (1,500 - 250) 4,200 the age of 65 14,000 23,120
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