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    Or do they hold the title? Arizona recently passed the following laws, these laws do nothing about their economy, jobs or the really bad housing crisis: 1) You can now carry a concealed weapon without a permit. 2) You can now carry that concealed weapon into bars. 3) Arizona Republicans wasted their time and your money to name the official gun. 4) The Governor now has the right to assemble a militia. FYI - I live in Arizona, so I know how backwards these politicians are.

    Texas is a close second.

    I live in Kansas and: I can carry a concealed weapon with a license, I see no reason to not issue permits in states such as mine, however the ones that do have valid reasons for doing so. Alaska and Vermont deal with dangers other states do not, such as bears and moose, yes moose, they are large, strong and can be very vicious if pissed off. Arizona has become pretty dangerous in areas along the border with the drug cartels. I can carry my sidearm into a bar in Kansas, and I know many who do so. Although I do not have any more than two beers or one whiskey when I do so. Scotch is cheaper at home and I'm the only a$$hole I have to deal with there. It's been that way for years yet we have no instances of shootouts in bars. Arizona and Kansas used to be the "wild west" but it isn't anymore, guns don't make people kill. 3. That's actually cool, considering democrats waste time on...well...everything actually. What pray tell, is the official gun? I'm voting on the Colt Peacemaker. 4. The Kansas governor has had the right to assemble a militia since the drafting of our state constitution, in fact most of them do. I really am not sure where your impetus lies, considering the militia has nothing to do with gun laws and in fact is in line with the spirit of the framers of our nations constitution. In fact I believe it's mentioned in the constitution somewhere, probably one of the amendments democrats tell themselves doesn't exist. Arizona has become dangerous due to Mexican drug cartels, shootouts in "saloons" don't happen in the 21st century amongst law abiding citizens. In other words, quitchurbitchin and find something worth griping about.

    Sounds to me like you don't live anywhere near Arizona. And what has Obama or his congress done to solve our problems with the economy, jobs or the housing crisis? The only thing he did do is sue the state for passing a law that mirrored the Federal one on immigration.

    All of that knee jerk over guns is something that you can do it most states. And every Gov has the right to have a militia but most just call it the State Police. I am not much of gun dude but I would not live in Arizona or have my familiy there without a gun. Marietta has been overrun by some of the most violent Mexican drug gangs, the same who leave ordinary citizens stacked up dead in a ditch. And because you want to oppose anything that a Republican Governor does you want to volunteer you and your family to be next ditch dead. You are one cool guy.

    Rights are not things you"now" have. Rights are things you have had all along. They just decided to exercise a right they have always had. While you probably live in Arizona, I take nothing anyone here says at face value. I happen to be rich. Really? Oh sure. And maybe even in the military. Yeah right. Let me know when these things create the problems they have in highly restricted gun areas like Washington Marietta and New York.

    Liberals are backwards. They want Mexico to control America's immigration laws, so they slander Arizona.

    That's s Kool.........America already has the highest murder rate in the free world! and you know it isn't crimminals killing victims! And it certainly isn't people defending their homes, IT'S Americans shooting family members! Thats right! the Number one use for a handgun in the USA is YOU murdering your wife and your children! A woman is 12 times more likely to be murdered by her husband if there is a gun in the house! A Husband only six time as likely! Kids? Just when they are sleeping! More Guns! More Carry permits! More FREEDOMS!

    Actually, I doubt you live in Arizona - because it was the state of Utah that named a state gun.

    Yes there are. Republicans say they are fiscal conservatives. Not only does the federal government does worse off under republicans as far as debt goes but republican states only survive fiscally because blue states help bail them out. Look at this: all of them are backward.

    I see nothing backwards with any of this. It is in accordance with the 2nd amendment. What the left refuses to acknowledge is that an armed society has lower crime rates. Armed criminals tend not to want to risk stealing from someone who will shoot back.

    Yet ANOTHER Democrat positively PROVES: > She sees her children as government PROPERTY. > She wants her children's environment to be MORE LIKE places that have rampant violence. > She's offended by the sort of symbolic acts EVERY legislature does - if they involve something that terrifies her. > She HATES the fundamentals upon which America is based. So sweetie, why do you hate your kids so much you HOPE they'll be easy prey?

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    Percy Batz
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    Amparo Gutmann
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