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    I know but your playing the PAC-10, them and SEC, you have to score enough points to stop the Refs to interfere the game. Just like Ohio State -Cal game last night there was 3 to 4 calls, 2 for 1st downs and there placement of the ball made it 4th down thank god Urban went for it.

    Pac twelve officiating crew should have spotted the ball down and put time on the clock since an opposing player was laying on the ball on the ground. Officiating in a game should not be trusted to handle key plays and they should have reviews like the NFL. Definitely have a time out at the end of a game to cover poor officiating which is going to happen. Any conference has had their shares of major officiating errors and poor judgment. Doesn't surprise me. I played sports a long time in my life, and many bad calls, mistakes, ignorance, and bias have ruined some fair decisions and games for the teams I was on. I am sure others have had the same in theirs. We don't like to see this but people error on the good side of honesty and integrity. They think they are doing right, but don't care. They get paid good money. Look again at that replacement referee in the Seahawks-Packers game last year. He still thinks he did right. I call that arrogance and just doesn't care about making the right call.....

    Well I saw that ending and it was weird. However I disagree with you that the player should be suspended. I think it was also the officials fault because he was the one that after he put the ball down, according to the announcers, he said to wait so that's what happened. HOWEVER YOU ARE RIGHT AND THEY SHOULD'VE BEEN ABLE TO GET OFF THE FG. Marietta at least they should use instant replay in the future on plays like that.

    The refs really blew that one. Though to tell the truth, Wisconsin turned the ball over. You don't just put the ball on the ground.

    The Wisconsin qb laid the ball on the ground without touching his knee to the ground. Therefore it was a fumble.... and an Az state player recovered it. The game should've been over then.

    You're right it was screwed up - What was the Wisconsin coach thinking running that last play - spike the ball and stop the clock!!! It was far too late in the game to take chances playing cute.

    I AM SO TICKED!!! i watched an amazing game just get wasted... thank you stupid ref for not knowing that a defender sitting on the ball is a penalty!!!

    I wasted an evening watching that game and it ended in a farce. I realize sports is a ripoff and a joke - but events like this really drive it home. The officials should never work a game again, unless it is Pop Warner.

    Weird, but did you see the ending to the 2010 Tennessee v. LSU game? I've seen stranger.

    Wisconsin couldn't Stave off defeat.

What are ways that your credit is both positively and negatively affected?

  • Orrin Gleichner
    Orrin Gleichner
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