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    I currently have city utilities in Mesa Arizona I have had them for about 4 years. On my last bill was an additional charge of 400 hundred dollars. The explanation was bad debt. dated September of 2000 . They are now threatening to turn off my utilities if this is not paid. I have asked for a itemization of the bill and they say they don't have any because they have changed systems. What are my rights ? Isn't there a statute of limitations on this kind of bill? its been over ten years? or do they have the right to do this ? please help if you can

    Arizona Statutes of Limitation Written contracts: 6 years, runs from date creditor could have sued account. HOWEVER, An Arizona judgment must be renewed within five years of the date of the judgment. So you can hire a lawyer to see if this debt was renewed after 5 years. The problem is, an attorney's help is going to cost more than what you owe. Plus, if the debt is valid (which it sounds like) then you still owe the utility bill AND your attorney. I'd write a letter asking if $100 payments a month for the next 8 months would be acceptable to them. If they do accept, DON'T MISS ANY PYM'TS. EDIT: Re: Bill Itemization When you were 1st notified of the collection for the bill, you had 30 days to ask for itemization of the bill if you contested it. It sounds like you have let this deadline pass. That's why I suggest paying the bill, b/c your only other recourse is to hire an attorney who will charge you to find out that this is a valid collection. In which case you owe the $800 & an atty's bill. If you are absolutely sure you are not responsible for this debt, then it is worth the expense to hire an atty.

    I am not sure about Mesa AZ, but just about anywhere the city utilities like water, sewer and trash if not paid would be put into a lien against the real estate. In most places they could cut off service, but are reluctant to do so because it would present a health hazard. They could sell the house to pay the liens, so watch out. Have you had the service ten years or four years? There would not be a statute of limitations on a contract where you have an ongoing relationship and have been paying at least part of the bill.

    Absent a written contract to make extra effective the SOL, you're oftentimes SOL. although, there are some fairness-based exceptions. seek for suggestion from an criminal professional. the very own injury statute in Texas became 2 years final time I had a case there. The Martinez statute became prolonged to 2 years approximately 4 years in the past--it was twelve months. decrease than the previous twelve months statute, In situations related to extra severe injury, it became no longer uncommon for the plaintiff to nevertheless be treating no longer in user-friendly terms on the twelve months element, yet previous. the recent 2 year statute supplies a extra advantageous threat for the two facets to evaluate the declare and to locate available pre-litigation decision. besides, attorneys are very careful to report earlier the statute expires, in spite of the status of negotiations, except there's a written contract to make extra effective. returned, verify with an criminal professional--or 2 or 3. by ability of ways, if the insured--the might-be defendant--became absent from the state for the time of the two years, the statute is prolonged by ability of the size of the absence. I used that as quickly as to my shopper's benefit. i anticipate it is the different motive force's coverage you're speaking approximately and not your guy or woman uninsured motorist coverage.

    I just received four statements from Tucson water stating I owed a balance of 4440.21 from may of 2000 to Feb. 2005. This is the first I have heard of this debt. They can't just make something up and threaten to turn off my current water. I have never been late on a utility bill in my life. Please help.

    Pay your bills, they have a right to collect no matter how long you try to run from it

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    Rhoda Konopelski
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    Roma Mills
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