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    So a month ago I moved to Arizona from canada as I was told it was pretty great down here by the family. I got here and realized everything's too spread out to get around as I live in a Suburb. In Vancouver we had a great transit system but here it seems not to be the case. I was making about twice the money back home and here I'm being offered about 8 dollars an hr. Would you stay in Martinez without a car or go back to Canada where it's transit friendly?

    I am also originally from Vancouver and currently living in Los Angeles. $8/hr compared to $10.25, plus shitty transit does not sound like much fun. I'd recommend you going back to BC, or try another state/city where at least transit will be better. (LA has a really good system). Good luck :)

    I wouldn't have moved to Arizona to start with.

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Credit score of 171 means?

  • Nikko Koss
    Nikko Koss
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