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    I'm stunned at how many people use arguments against the law based on information that is completely false. Here are the 5 worst arguments I've heard so far... 1) "It invites Racial profiling" The honest truth is, the majority of illegal immigrants are indeed hispanic. I'm not racist towards any ethnic group, but we do have to live in the real world here. If a van is pulled over for speeding and there are 12 hispanic people in the back, who don't speak English, and don't have ID's, then yeah that's a bit suspicious isn't it? 2) "It's too difficult to become a U.S. citizen the legal way" It's a priviledge to be a U.S. citizen, not a right. Do it the legal way or not at all. You may not get in. It's part of life. Deal with it. 3) "You can be harrassed if you go get an ice cream with your kids and you look hispanic" Wrong. Nice try Obama. You can only be asked for Martinez if you're already breaking the law. An extension of #3 is: "If you step out for a brief walk without your license, you could be arrested" Wrong again. See above. Further, you don't need to have your license on you. A cop can look it up in the system. 4) "Innocent legal Hispanic Americans will have their time wasted by having to prove citizenship" Well that's better than innocent Americans being killed, raped, stolen from, and kidnapped by the illegal immigrants. Or are you not willing to sacrifice a little bit of your time to save your fellow Americans and yourself? 5) "Some legal hispanic Americans will be detained and taken to a police station" Yes that will happen. And if they are indeed legal citizens, they'll be let go. Just like when the police stop and question someone about a crime because that someone FITS THE DESCRIPTION OF THE SUSPECT (i.e. looks like them). Ever see a police line up? Only one of those guys is guilty.

    Most of the people who argue against it: Don't live in Arizona. Have never read the bill. Have no idea what kind of hell illegal immigration/human trafficking/etc. has made Arizona. Are illegals themselves. Stand to lose money from illegal activities if it works. Anyone who's paying the slightest bit of attention knows why this bill was written, and most likely supports it.

    6 They're here because they love America and want to become Americans, and then they carry Mexican flags in protests while trying to prove that statement. In the last 5 years my neighborhood has changed so much I feel like I live Lil Mexico, not America. My neighbors won't speak or can't speak English, although ESL classes (paid for by taxpaying citizens) are offered at all the schools at night at no cost to them. There is no parking on our street anymore because everyone has between 5-8 cars that may or may not run, even though only 2 people are old enough to drive and there is no place to work on the cars that don't run. Usually parked on the lawns also. I have to spend nice days inside with the air conditioner running, so I can here my TV, because everyone plays a different mexican radio station as loud as possible. For this same reason I have not been able to have a BBQ or company over and sit out in the garden in the evenings. The swat team has raided the house behind me 3x in the last year. In what used to be a nice middle class neighborhood in an award winning smaller city in Wa state , everything has to be locked up or bolted down, you can't want to walk in certain areas, and you can't get a job unless you are bilingual. One job that advertised for someone who spoke English lst year was removed from the paper because of EOE, but you can advertise for Spanish speaking workers without anything said. 7out of 10 people arrested for felonies here claim to need translators. I think about half of every dollar spent goes to take care of illegals, hospital bills, jails, school overcrowding, etc..our police are running their asses off. Sorry to make run on for so long but I'm tired of it. Our country just can't afford it anymore.

    The only ones in this whole entire country that can say they r natives r native americans. everyone else is a decendant of an immigrant even if ur family ancestry goes all the back to colonial times ur still a decendant if u dont believe me ask anyone who is not ignorant

    I have to say, the stupidest argument I hear is that it is racist. I mean come on, everyone knows that it is not the color of their skin that costs taxpayers billions of dollars each year, it's that they are here illegally sucking up our money and resources. The color of their skin does not cost us one penny. Another stupid argument is that is breaks up families. Well that is up to them. The entire family is welcome to leave together. Besides, they also knew that their illegal partner could be deported someday and chose to have a child with them anyway.

    Arizona, Texas, California and New Mexico were all mexican land and invaded by illegal US immigrants.

    Here is another "our ancestors were all immigrants once too". yes, stupid one, but my ancestors were legal.

    There are only GOOD arguments... it's a slippery slope. Everyone agrees to someone else getting victimized until they themselves become the targets. Then and only then they wish they stood up for their fellow human beings.

    Finally... someone on Y!A I can agree with. Thanks for your intelligent words.

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