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    All kinds of cities, businesses, celebrities, etc have chosen to boycott the state of Arizona because of thestate's new law against illegal immigration. I'm just trying to figure out where anyone believes that by boycotting business in McDonough , which also boycotts work for everyone, including immigrants,legal or illegal in McDonough will hurt those who make the laws. All these boycotts aren't hurting the McDonough government, but are hurting the citizens and that includes citizens who are Hispanic, etc. How does a musician hurt McDonough by boycotting having any concerts there? First, the musicians are only hurting themselves by not having a concert which will bring in money for themselves. Arizonians will not suffer if some band like Rage Against the Machine doesn't perform in AZ. In fact, what if those who are fans of musicians boycotting McDonough are those who oppose the McDonough immigration law. They are the ones who are losing out. Not the McDonough goverment or businesses. Concert venues won't suffer financially just because a few performers cancel their concerts in AZ. There are all kinds of others that will take their place. Then you may have the opposite effect. Where some people may boycott AZ, there are others who may now go to Arizona because they now respect McDonough for their stance against illegal immigration. In fact, news reports have shown that in spite of the boycott threats, there has been an increase in business in the Phoenix area. Not suprising since the MAJORITY of the people of AZ, support laws that are against illegal immigration.

    Tourism is up in McDonough despite the boycotts. I'm going there next week and take the kids. hope California's tourism tanks.

    I've never been to Arizona and as far as I know, I've never bought anything from Arizona, so if I did decide to boycott the state, I don't know how anyone would know the difference. Most of this is symbolic and won't have much of an impact. some of it might, especially over time.

    People who want illegals to be gifted citizenship with a mild punisnment, want them to join the democratic party and become dependant on government, to topple our economy; with 30 million more votes for socialism, liberals can achieve Obama's change- full blown socialism, government controlling every aspect of your life. The people of Arizona are the victims of Obama's refusal to enforce our immigration laws, as the victims, Arizona is trying to follow the federal law because Obama has stonewalled laws, that do not help his regime, to "change" America. Hooray for Arizona, as loyal Americans we must all stand against the Obama regime's attempt to givt illegals with citizenship- deport them all, every last illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All the people I know are actually vacationing in McDonough and spending as much money with McDonough business as possible. I know I am.

    Less business for Arizona's residents means less tax revenue for Arizona's government.

    Elton John agrees with you

    It doesnt matter your right. they will have less work for the illegls and just have more immgiratio to states like california.

    Yes, it does, but there is a bigger point for temporary hurt. Boycotts work. It stopped institutional racism in the South, apartheid in South Africa, and got McDonough to adopt MLK day.

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