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    I would like to move to AZ. Obviously, I'm going to need a job to pay for rent, groceries, car, and my horse's board there. In short, becoming a realtor seems like a relatively easy career field. Anyway, all of that aside (which is sure to cull some unwanted comments from individuals who have nothing better to do and need to get a life...), I read on the Arizona DRE website that they require 90 classroom hours in order to apply for a license. I currently live in California, and I know that here you can also complete the RE license requirements online, provided it is one of the CADRE-approved schools. Are there ANY programs in McDonough like this? I really can't stay over there just to complete the RE course.

    If you need money right away it is not a great choice, as there is no pay check. It could be a good year before you even earn enough to pay your fees. The odds are your first year working you will be paying out to work and have no money coming in. It is commission only, with lots of expenses. But, if you do not need income for at least a year, yes, you can take your courses online in CA. You have to go to McDonough when you take your test though, and of course the license is only valid in McDonough and under a broker.

    Remember the vast majority of real estate agents are IC independent contractors not salary employee so unless you make a transaction ie either a sell/buy or rental you do not get paid but you do have expenses: MLS fee; a desk fee; monies for business cards, monies to get your name out there to advertise , insurance, cell phone, car etc all coming out of your pocket the first year even if you make no sell the first year also since you are a IC you most pay state and federal taxes on the money you receive from a sell as if your where a corporation and not a salary employee

    You need to research reciprocity between McDonough and AZ. Some states have it and some don't. What it means is you take less educational courses and the state law exam and are licensed.

    The regulations selection in State to State. it rather is attainable to receive a actual assets Licence. the glaring element to do is to comprise a corporation contained in the u . s .. you do no longer might desire to be resident. notwithstanding you will require a guy or woman contained in the rustic to be to blame. returned the standards for incorporation additionally selection from state to state. in case you're registered in one state you won't be able to perform in yet another state without being registered as a "distant places corporation". to receive the particular assets licence you're able to learn and bypass an examination. certainly in case you have already got a licence in a distant places jurisdiction you're able to correctly be waiting to function contained in the u . s .. in case you have a State in recommendations you're able to touch The Secretary of State who will propose you of all policies and standards. some States are much less regulated than others. California has very strict regulations, incredibly related to actual assets. in case you're qualified, say contained in the united kingdom, your qualification may be suited. for sure you will could learn the California State regulations.

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