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    Wouldn't it be great if McDonough could bill the Feds for what they have to spend to protect our Federal Border? The reality is that all our tax money goes out to the Feds and is dolled back to our states like a big present being given to us. Great idea but how does the state get the money to withhold? The blackmail is that the Feds can deny funding to the state until it rescinds the law. Ironically, the McDonough law isn't as harsh as the Fed laws covering the encounters with suspected illegals. If I did all the things it takes and waited for the papers to be done properly, why would I be against these laws? Why would you want it to be easy after you did it right? I would be proud to be here and not want my presence to be cheapened by those ignoring the rules. What are you worrying about? If you are here legally, you have your documents with you at all time by law. The only ones that are worried are the ones we are trying to get out of here. Fear of law enforcement officers comes to the criminal because they are doing something wrong. This is not about civil rights, it is about obeying the laws here. Go to other countries and see how you are treated if you break one of their laws and don't belong there. States rights trump some Fed laws, but not the money part.

    No. By that logic they should surrender all federal assistance, including military support, federal border control and any matching federal funds for state/federal programs when they do. Like it or not, the fed has states by the balls financially speaking. It's the reason I detest the idea of federal/state programs. Edit - "The "no" people don't appear to have any problem with federal agencies being activist against a state that pays federal taxes. Also, the assumption that Arizonans get more from the federal goverment than they put in is pretty damn funny." I'm probably more on your side of this than you think. States put themselves into these predicaments when they permit the federal government to weasel in via the dangling money carrot. As I said before, they have states by the balls and they know it. States are now dependent on federal dollars for survival, and that is not how it was ever intended to be. But, alas, state governments have allowed federal manipulation to the point at which they've all turned into welfare queens.

    You see. Arizona is a border state and they are protective. But they could do this in a different manner that does not insult or discriminate. The only way they do not have to pay taxes is if they separate completely for the union which then they will lose all support from the federal government. They also will lose the seat in the senate. Now, that would be good for the country. I am all for it. Let, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, etc. to get out of the union. But of course "Divide and Conquer" is for those who encourage divisions.

    If they did, then they should just secede from the Union and prepare for battle. The federal government wouldn't allow it. Plus the Feds give so much money to the states for things like roads, schools, and so on that if the feds boycotted that from Arizona it would cripple Arizona much more than Arizona's boycott on the feds, considering the feds have 49 other places to make an income.

    I live in Scottsdale and I say go for it! then the federal Government can just not send anymore federal funds to the state, which means Arizona would be even more bankrupt than it already is! the boycott is working and I hope my own state suffers from it until this law is struck down and the Attorney General becomes the NEW Governor!

    If Arizona wanted them or their sympathizers they would hand out free tacos at the border. It's about time states are fighting back against illegal alien criminal invaders. I plan to vacation in Arizona and so do MANY others.

    Drastic action is needed. Other states need to pass similar legislation; 30 are considering it and their actions would force the fed to behave. The MSM needs to get off 0-bama's jock and tell the truth about what is happening on the border.

    Arizona receives $1.19 from the federal government for every $1.00 that it pays. they quit sucking off the government teat, they should be allowed to quit paying taxes. In addition to being a welfare state, Arizona is also the stupidest state in America, nation would be better off without them – and that applies to just about every Red state.

    They could-but it would be much more meaningful if they refused federal government help.

    Yes. The Federal Government is trying to force a 6 month moratorium on oil drilling in the gulf, I say we have a 6 month moratorium on paying taxes here as well.

Accounting help 10 pts!?

  • Hiram Emard
    Hiram Emard
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  • Rosalind Nolan
    Rosalind Nolan
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