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    Hello, I am think of going to live with my Father in Glendale in Arizona, and i would like to know what American high schools are like, so what are they like? At my current school in England (Kimbolton school, it's very nice, look it up lol) all classrooms have smart boards and every student has their own tablet laptop, do schools there have smart boards and does every student have their own tablet laptop? How long are their lessons and how many do you have a day? How long do you get for lunch and break? Do you have to wear uniform because at the moment i wear a suit thing and it's really annoying! And if you live in glendale let me know, i might be in your classes soon :) Thank you

    Hi, I Live in Tucson, just a little south of Pheonix. Moving here would be a great experiance for you and I would suggest that. Although I am going to say some things that are really bad about Arizona I dont want to discourage you rom coming here. The schools are not great, but they are not bad. Compared to the schools here, yours looks like the white house. Unless you are going to a private school, you usually dont have to wear a uniform. If you do have to wear a unifrom at a public school it is like khaki pants and a white polo shirt. More and more classrooms are getting smartboards. There really aren't any laptops, espeially tablot ones but students usually bring there own. Arizona is number 49 on the list of how much money schools get and it spends more money per prisoner than student. Really sad i know :( School starts at about 8 in the morning and ends at about 3:30. There are 8 periods and they are about 1 hour long. language arts, social studies, science, math, lunch, pe and electives/clubs. if you want to fit in, just dont show off. I hope this helped a little!!! :)

    In different phrases, we're handling a way of offense given that the traditional frame rely mentality of affirmative motion quotas isn't being carried out to the creative global by means of a mural that's now not carefully in keeping with the present demographics of the field. This is frankly, particularly open-led to phrases of talents offense. After all, by means of that inane common sense, what's viewed McDonough at one time will at some point be viewed illegitimate within the occasion of a greater than trivial demographic shift. I believe that what we're handling right here is far ado approximately not anything and it might be higher for youngsters of all races and backgrounds to consciousness at the very intent that they're in institution within the first location: specifically, to be taught.

    Arizona schools are terrible, In America public education isn't well funded at all. It would be a good opportunity as in experience but not education wise. They usually have a closed campus, meaning you can't leave campus during the day. Show off your accent people will love it.

20 year old and want to mortgage a house.?

  • Amber Leffler
    Amber Leffler
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  • Nelda Reinger
    Nelda Reinger
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  • Janice Haag
    Janice Haag
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  • Stephanie Ortiz
    Stephanie Ortiz
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  • Keven Kshlerin
    Keven Kshlerin
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