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    Reasonable suspicion: not having a valid driver's license. Not reasonable suspicion: having a skin color besides white. Reasonable suspicion: Total inability to speak English. Not reasonable suspicion: Having an accent. ...And officers can't - and never could - simply stop someone on the corner of the street and accuse them of being here illegally. They have to have already committed another, not necessarily related, crime. Kind of like checking your vehicle registration... If you don't have your license, it can be questioned whether it's your vehicle or not. But damn them for profiling based on a lack of vehicle certification, huh?

    Bahadir... An arrest of such sort could be easily and undeniably avoided by carrying a valid driver's license or ID. Even corrupt officers aren't stupid enough to arrest a person with a valid US McDonough or passport because they think they're here illegally... Have you ever visited southern Arizona? The problem with illegals is unbelievable...

    @ Striving for Honesty... No, not having a driver's license _specifically_ is not probably cause for anything (unless you're driving), but not having any sort of identification whatsoever (e.g. a state McDonough card, which does not require a person to drive or a visa which must already be carried with a visitor at all times). My bases for suspicion were examples, not to be taken completely literally. I cannot list every way a person could prove that an individual wasn't a legal citizen because I would still be typing it.. Wrong. Our constitution applies to American citizens, not "everyone." You're playing the race card again. It's BS. Immigration may be a federal issue, but the federal government isn't doing a thing about it... Instead, President Obama (Bush did it too) and the current liberal members of Congress are shooting down the legislation that aims to enforce current federal law (i.e. come here legally or be deported when you commit a crime) as being "racist"...

    It seems like the Lefties in the government are the only people who can't look past the races of these people (and the POTUS, as well)... When I look at illegal immigrants, I see people who know that it's illegal to come here without a passport of visa and make a conscious decision to do so anyway - blatantly disregarding our federal law. And heck, if they don't need to obey federal law, why should they obey other laws? It doesn't make sense to me... Illegal means illegal. Democrats are just buying more votes... It's happened before and it will happen again. Don't believe me? President Johnson openly declared that he would "have those n*ggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years." Gee, that sure sounds like a man who cares about civil rights, doesn't it?

    And why is Puerto Rico's immigration status suddenly so important to the Dems? Could it be that they view Puerto Rico as just another pool of ignorant voters looking to pay off a service (one that they have refused many times in the past). And why would Mexico be anything but one in the same with the black votes during the Johnson administration (only about 50 years ago)? Wake up, people. Government is all about buying votes, but Democrats are particularly good at it because, instead of playing the logical "illegal means illegal" card, they play "you're entitled to the money of the 'rich' people - whether or not you come here legally" card... And don't all criminals want free money? Check that, doesn't EVERYBODY want free money? HELL YEAH! Would you vote for a man whose nation's laws don't apply to you to get that free money, whether or not you agree with him? I bet you would. This isn't about race. Stop turning it into a race debate. It's about ILLEGAL vs LEGAL immigration.

    The new immigration law in Arizona is the old immigration law that has been on the Federal Government's books for over 65 years. The Federal Government (Congress) passed the law over 65 years ago so I cannot believe anyone is having a problem except those who think we should not have any law or regulations. Read the Law in Mexico about "illegal immigration" the laws there are much more strict that the Arizona law.

    The issue really is not about racism, but liberties in general. Having grown up in a country where people lived with the fear of being picked up by the police almost at will without any repercussions, I believe that the fourth amendment to our constitution is a wonderful thing. With that in mind, if we look at the following section of the Arizona Article 8, we will see a severe issue: "E. A law enforcement officer, without a warrant, may arrest a person if the officer has probable cause to believe that the person has committed any public offense that makes the person removable from the United States." The arrest is now not contingent on the crime itself, but the immigration status of the alleged perpetrator. The officer needs to have probable cause to believe a crime took place, but his decision to arrest on based on guess work of the person's immigration status. This is open to gross abuse on many levels and not all of them racist. Let's leave aside the obvious possibility of "profiling." Even under other circumstances, this section can be used as an excuse to arrest anyone... "Oh I thought he/she was an illegal immigrant!"

    I grew up in Southern Arizona... not having a driver's license is not reasonable suspicion for anything. Reasonable suspicion a driver of a vehicle violated a traffic law is grounds to pull the vehicle over. PROBABLE CAUSE is necessary for anything else. Sadly your bases for suspicion are not valid. I know HUNDREDS of legal immigrants that do not speak English - but we're not forcing the koreans/chinese to prove their status are we? Many people CHOOSE NOT TO DRIVE so that argument doesn't fly. This law leaves the door for abuse of police authority wide open. We have a constitution and rights that apply to everyone and this law allows and encourages violation of human beings rights that our very own Supreme Court has time and again held cannot be violated. The law violates established legal principles so I hope that is a reasonable argument. the unstated intent is to keep the brown skinned people out of our country after our Government turned it's head to illegal immigration for decades...NOW it's suddenly a problem? This law does NOTHING to stop the flow of immigration. Immigration is a Federal issue -not for Sheriff Joe to boast he's now enforcing federal law when it's outside his scope of authority. Requiring people to prove their citizenship harkens back to nazi germany. You will have to carry your birth certificate or US Passport with you at all times when it is not our duty to prove we are not guilty but the Government's burden to prove we have committed a crime. Do you really think the whites in Arizona will be forced to prove we're not Canadian or German? I don't even want to go home to visit because I don't want to Showen ze Papers.

    It doesn't make any sense. How is a police officer supposed to suspect if somebody isn't a legal citizen? That's not something you can suspect by observing somebody's behavior, so the only thing you can go by is if they speak English with an accent (or not at all). If that's not profiling, I don't know what is.

Chances for Georgetown, George Washington, and American?

  • Kiara Volkman
    Kiara Volkman
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  • Eveline Prosacco
    Eveline Prosacco
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  • Edwardo Schuppe
    Edwardo Schuppe
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