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    I find it despicable and just plain racist for Arizona to pass a law like that. They are the ones who stole the land from mexicans in the first place! The people who passed the law are pompous full-of-themselves jerks who think that anyone who is not white is dirt! You won't see cops there pull over white illegal irish immigrants in old, rundown cars, but they will of course pull over a Hispanic looking man who is driving an extremely expensive mercedes or ferrari! I think his is just not fair and it really needs to end! Several kids in my grade are poking fun at hispanics and chinese people in our grade now and it's not fair! I am hispanic but my family has a very good life, and we are not dangerous ghetto people! All 3 of my siblings and I have attended Catholic school and I will being going to a Catholic high school. One boy in my class asked me if I was illegal in a joking way and I told him straight off at how it would be impossible for my family to be illegal because we are cuban and once cubans touch American soil they are automatically legal, and if they haven't touched the land yet they are not on land therefore they cannot be illegal. This law is just causing drama around the country and is enraging citizens of these United States! I is as if they are trying to turn back time in their own way to make it like 1800s again where nonwhite folk are all slaves! What do you think about this?

    I feel sorry for Obama because he is alone in a crowd of conservative Republicans who need to be ept happy. He is trying hard to work everything out to make it even easier to become a citizen without creating a big dilemma with the republicans. I do think they need to do something abotu all the illegal immigration but not this in the least!

    @ Viper this isn't the media telling me this you stupid dumb fck! You really expect me to take you seriously when you have that as your picture and you speak utter B.S.? conservative mother fcker! You are the brainwashed one! I speak the whole and hard truth, and everyone knows deep down in there hearts that it is wrong to do this morally wrong because those "things" on the other side of the borders are people too!

    And how are cops supposed to go about finding illegals huh Viper? You don't need to be a citizen to get a license and registration for a car you know! "Oh that person over there looks hispanics hmmm, Mr. can I see your social secruity number 'cause you're hispanic and you may be illgeal?" wtf fail dude no. And Yes it was the native Americans but if YOU all had paid attnetion like I do (AP HISTORY TOP OF THE CLASS U BIGGOTS) you'd know that the native americans were happy to share the land with the mexicans. And how do you think the natives feel now? If I were them I'd say that everyone needs to get deported 'cause this is my land and in my eyes everyone here is illegal.

    First of all, this law is about ILLEGAL immigration. Not immigration itself. Arizona welcomes people to come here, LEGALLY. Legal immigrants= fine. Illegal= not okay. Are you aware that it has ALWAYS been illegal to be an illegal immigrant? It is illegal all over the whole country, but nobody will enforce it. This new law isn't new at all, it is only enforcing an existing law. A big problem with illegal immigrants is they can take our jobs without having to pay taxes. There are millions of people living here and working here illegally while American citizens are jobless. They milk the system and send the money back to wherever they came from. Everyone is supposed to carry around their Milledgeville no matter what or else you can get a ticket if a cop pulls you over and you don't have it. Racial profiling is illegal and that isn't what this law is about. As for finding out who is illegal.. well if a cop pulls someone over for speeding or whatever and asks for Milledgeville they will look into it if that person doesn't have an Milledgeville or green card. Cops can find out when they are investigating through crimes. Also, there are many situations that require someone to show a social security card or birth certificite, and if they can't provide it they are obviously illegal. There are many ways to know whether someone is legal or not without being racist. I live in Arizona and the crime rate from Mexico is horrible over here. A cop was shot just the other day by a car full of illegal immigrants who were smuggling over drugs. They shot him in the desert and left him for dead. A rancher was gunned down a few month ago by illegal immigrants on his own property. The mexican gangs are coming over here, murdering people, and using their bodies to stash their drugs. This bill applies to every single illegal immigrant (no matter where they come from), not just mexicans, but the most crime we get is from illegal mexicans since we are bordering Mexico. It is the federal governments job to secure our borders. Jan Brewer repeatedly asked for help and they did nothing. The states have every right to take action if the federal government won't. 70% of Arizona wanted this law. And now both Texas and Utah are considering the same law.

    First of all, you asked a question and I'm sure that you were already aware of different opinions out there so i think that you should respect them and avoid getting angry, for everyone here is simply giving an opinion and point of view. sooo. I do think that this is a type of racial profiling. I have heard all types of speculations about how this new law is against the constitution etc. and although i do not know enough about this new law i know that it will damage as well as help the US. There is a lot of drugs being carried into the us as well as non-us residents crossing through the Mexican-American border but this does not mean Mexicans are the only drug dealers, there is also people from different countries crossing the border. And although Arizona was a part of Mexico hundreds of years ago it is no longer today. Yes, it makes us mad to know about how it was snatched away but it is part of the past. Also, there is only one remaining state that i know of where illegal residents can get an ID/ Drivers and that is Washington. So doesn't that mean that whenever caught doing something illegal and are arrested they can be asked to proof legal residence? If so, those who are undocumented should be careful no matter what state they reside in! As a daughter of a man and a woman, who many years ago crossed the border looking for better life for their children, it hurts to see families being split apart due to deportation. It is also painful to put up with all the negative comments on colored skin HUMANS. Either we like it or not we are all homosapiens, that is our species, we only differ in geographical ancestry! (Now that i mentioned about coming to the US for a better life... I'm sure that there are those who are already thinking about how the US is superior... it's necessary to keep in mind that the US has many fees as well and we aren't the wealthiest country either.)

    I do not believe you have read the Arizona Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act. This is the Bill that is what everyone is talking about. If you have the chance to read it you will notice that no officer can harass or reprehend someone strictly on the basis of verifying their status. The law only applies to people that are already being investigated for an offense. OK. So that means, you get pulled over for speeding. They can ask you for your drivers license. They can specifically ask you or use this to verify your legal right to be here in the US. I do not know, but I suspect that previously to this, they could not ask or could they use your drivers license to verify. They could only give you a ticket like a robot. The Bill is very dry reading and it spends more time telling you what the Bill does not do that what it does do. In government law terms it is pretty short. It will take you about thirty minutes to an hour to read. In regards to other nations peoples being allowed to stay just by placing foot on American soil. This is correct, but only in certain circumstances. The most famous of such was the Hatians. The government there basically said that anyone caught defecting from the communist government there would be shot when they returned. The same this was said by Fidel Castro in Cuba. We as a nation could not in good conscious allow these people to return to face certain death. Our Government and Congress voted overwhelmingly to allow these people to stay and still will in any case where an oppressive Government will unjustly bounty someone. I feel sorry for Obama too. I have no issue with the guy. I did not vote for him and I still would not. He lost a major ally in the Senate in Ted Kennedy. The Kennedy Era is waning. His best ace in the Hole is Bill Clinton. Clinton could charm the horn off a Rhino. The man is just that good. I think Obama was suggested because he had the least dirt in his background and because he is Black. I believe it truly is about time we had a Black President. It is also about time we had a Female President. This is not to say that I do not think he is an intelligent or charismatic man. He is both. He just is not presidential material in my opinion. He follows the Party line and what his people tell him to do. I really do not know which of all of them is in control, but it is not Obama.

    Living in Arizona myself, this angers me. First of all, put it this way. What if you studied one night, very hard, for about five hours on a test and got a 100%... But you realize the same person next to you got a 100% but from cheating. How would you feel, mad, right? Same with people who try hard to get into a country, same thing for the people who live in this country. People (not all), work HARD to try to support themselves in this country (the economy doesn't help either), and here people are. Blatantly walking into this country, getting free health care, getting seen by a doctor, all of that. BEFORE the people who either immigrated here by a long process or work their butts off to live. Yet people walk in here illegally like it's nothing. Racism DOES NOT equal stating one's skin color, it's a fact. White people are white. Black people are black. Hispanic people are Hispanic people. No one, not in any, way, shape or form, are trying we to be racist. Logically and most of the time, people from Mexico are that certain skin color. How else are people going determine whether or not they are illegal? It's a matter of statistics that show that people from Mexico are just TAD tanner than white people or the average American citizen. I know there are other ways going about tightening the immigration law, but really, we can't just BUILD a wire/gate/metal fence around all of the border. We need some way of protecting the illegal immigration at least for now until we find a better way to go about the situation. As for the Natives that were here. If they CARED so much about their land then they should have protected it when Europeans/new Americans came to invade. Either be eaten or eat. This is our country now and if you can't live with it, get out. We have rules. We have freedoms. If our civil rights aren't good enough, then leave. No one wants you here if you are going to complain about one of the freest nations in the world. We can't keep allowing people to come over illegally. We have laws. If you don't want to follow them, then we can only restrict them. That goes for ANYONE who illegally migrates. Black. White. Whatever. EDIT: Also, the reason why you don't see other people getting pulled over is because they AREN'T the majority that illegally immigrates. People aren't racist, they are going by the country that has the highest rate of illegally immigrating. It would be the same for Canada. But do you see Canadians illegally immigrating here more that Mexicans? No. If you don't want people to be "racist" them tell the Mexicans (not all, just the people who are illegally migrating) to knock it off... Because they ARE the ones getting themselves in the situation. I am not prejudice against ANY Mexican, just think that the thousands them illegally migrating need to be stopped by law.

    Actually you do need to be a citizen to get a license. You need a social security card, which requires a birth certificate. According to the actual law, only people who are caught breaking the law will be asked to provide papers. They cannot stop someone who 'looks' illegal, they cannot pull over and ask you to show your papers (though legally they can on any adult, every adult is supposed to carry a form of Milledgeville like a license, and if you don't have it and they suspect you on doing something illegal they can take you in until they can verify your ID), they can't stop someone just because they look illegal. Right now, if you're pulled over, are drinking in public, or doing something illegal and are arrested they will demand for your papers... for citizens it's your state-issued Milledgeville card (license or just ID) for immigrants it's the green-card if I'm not mistaken. That's for adults though. Illegal immigrants were basically able to say "no papers" (they were already required to show them if they were legal) and then had to be held for federal immigration officers. All this does is make it illegal so that the police can arrest and hold them until the federal immigration officers do their duty as well. So, if someone is illegal and doesn't break the law they're not going to even run into this law. If someone is breaking the law, it's another legality that can help the Arizona state stop them with far less tape/waiting for federal law. This isn't like in Mexico where they will pull you over simply for not looking Mexican, require you to show legal papers or be arrested, and accept monetary 'donations' to help things move along faster. This law actually has safety protocol written in to guard against racial profiling.

    This situation is a heated topic.Obviously, I realize you have No clue as to the problems Arizona is haveing with the influx of illegals crossing the Borders. This is a feeble attempt to stem a problem that is putting people on both sides of the border in danger. Drug runners,are a hugh problem.also people trying to take advantage of illegals, and forcing them into the sex trade.Do to there statis.I see where you are coming from as a Cuban, You feel you are being attacked because of your skin color. But the The State felt that nothing was being done to solve the problem from the Feds.When you family came to our shores you were granted a free ticket due to the politcal statis of your former nation. this is totally different than our relationship with Mexico. I feel that Arizona's law will be repealed. They felt they were between a rock and a hard place as to the Feds failure to address this problem.There is a solution. that I see ,But there is not enough room on this answer page to go into it.

    Actually Viper is right. We should actually be enforcing our laws that are in place and Arizona law really actually mirrors Federal law. We can start by deporting all illegal aliens since they came here illegally. Illegal aliens cost us billions of dollars every year. Edit: Hmm well i guess you dont care about the rule of law and that you are close minded. The Milledgeville law mirrors Federal Law period. Maybe it is you that should Go back to Cuba. YOu and your family are illegal anyway. I dont care about the law that says if Cubans touch American soil they are automatically citizens. That is not fair to the people who are trying to come here legally.

    Ehh... im on both sides. side A: the billl is good. for the reason that it does keep illegal immigration out of america. because this is american and its straight up illegal and in all fairness, any crime is illegal and that is one of them so i think its just putting more force on something that has been in effect for a while just no one had the balls to stand for it. side B: racial profiling is not okay,and since this is america then i honestly dont think that creating a law to get rid of illegals by doingsomething illegal yourself is just flat out stupid. and because this bill makes alot of illegals angry which mean the streets are not as safe for anyone, especially politians and the police force. it makes there job ten times harder just knowing that people are pissed off at you whether your for or against it. everyones life is at stake with this law because there are so many illegals against it. but at the same time if your in america then you should better yourself, if you want to be here then become a hard working citizen and get all the paperwork or whatever needs to be done, just do it. its not that difficult. if you want a better life for you and your family then i think you should live by the rules we americans abide by. its only fair. you wanna live here then you do your best and live up to our standards. i personally have no opposition to any immigrants or anything but i do think that they need to step it up, work harder, and prove themselves. the economy is total **** right now so the harder you work them more you achieve. so im on both sides of the parties.

    The only reason you find it racist is because you have been brain washed by the liberal media into thnking it is. The Law mirrors Federal law but our The Obama administration has failed to do anything at the borders and to actually enforce the laws in place. And just because it was the meixcans land in the first place so what. They stole it from the Native Americans, But the point is dont believe everything the media tells you. We have laws that should be enforced and illegal aliens do not deserve to be here. Edit: Poor Obama? right. He doesnt enforce the immigration laws that are in place. He took an oath to uphold our constitution and protect the Us from our enemies. He and the rest of the idiots in congress are doing a very poor job at that. Stop believing everything you see on TV

    I find it ironic that the people who are for this new law are white, not impyling all whites do, just saying. Secondly I've been told I look mexican, a lot, and I'm asian. So I woudl be effected if I lived in Arizona. And if someone came up to me and asked me to show them papers, I'd be pissed as hell. It is targeting a whole race simply because there are ohters who, live in poverty by the way, come here illegally. You have to see it from their side. I seen what is like to live in the conditions in which they live, I haven't been to Mexico but I visited a third world country. You can't blame them for wanting to come here. Not saying that justifies what they do, it doesn't. But you can't simply target a whole race. It reminds me of how Germany was in WW2 with the Jewish, and how the U.S was back for people Pre-80s/70s. Now I am not Mexican, but it still pisses the hell out of me

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