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    -How does Arizona "produce" illegal aliens? If they are a product of Arizona that means that they are/were born there, and that makes them US citizens. Get your words right. -I will stand by my firm decision to not join the armed forces. -Just because those products come from Arizona doesn't mean that they aren't made or produces somewhere else, so I can just buy local. And keep my money in my state.

    How do you know they came here legally? As far as I know, when colonization of the Americas began, Britain, Spain and France started sending people out here and taking the land from the inhabitants of the territory. They killed them, tortured them, and took their land. Doesn't seem very legal to me. Not everyone who is an illegal alien is a drug smuggler. The worst part is, those drugs are brought into the States to feed the demand of Americans. Yes, I'm sure "illegal aliens" also consume them, but nevertheless the problem exists because of our incompetence at fixing the drug problem.

    Mr moonpants- do you really think they're just gonna check for Milledgeville during traffic stops or DUI checks? What makes that so different from what already takes place. Mexican-Americans get pulled often for a bogus reason just so the officials can check their Milledgeville and whatnot. How do you know that "most" of the people who enter the country illegaly are dangerous? Because most of the ones I know work, pay their taxes, send their kids to school, and try to make a better life. For example, my family. My parents are "illegal aliens". They work. Pay their taxes (federal and property) every year. They've bought 3 houses so far, and buy cars, send me and my brother to school. They don't commit crimes. They get a ticket for traffic violation here and there, but in reality, everybody does. So how are they "dangerous"? We don't hurt anybody. We want to try to have a good life and get along with everyone; just like all of you. I'll continue this in a bit.

    And I know there are dangerous "illegals", and I am totally for getting rid of the ones who kill, sell drugs, and stuff. I don't want to live in a country with murderers either, but what about the good, honest people? Because they are everywhere. Like for example, the guy who said he kicked a yard worker off his neighbors house; the guy was just trying to make some money to feed his family and pay his bills. Don't you rather want him to make money by cleaning a yard than by robbing you? I guess my point is; not all illegals are killers and drug smugglers. And they shouldn't all be marginalized and oppressed.

    Here's a list of the major employers:

    Wow Dcntamcn! You really called out all the bed-wetting, pinko, commie diaper doper babies with that question. I agree with you, Jenny and Rule. Arizona is just looking out for their own best interest and enforcing the border security that the feds have abdicated. Prezbo et al would rather let as many in as they can, grant amnesty and expand their base of moochers/voters. What the libs will never mention is that this new law explicitly prohibits racial profiling, but libs never like to let facts or common sense get in the way of their outrage and indignation.

    I hope to support Arizona any way I can. Edit: Thanks, I'll be sure to buy Dial Soap. Edit 2: And Sheriff Arpaio, whose high standards should be held as a model against Janet Nepolitano and her continuous failures. Edit 3: Then to AmazingGuy, don't ask the question. Why don't people understand that Arizona is enforcing a law that's been on the books for years, but no one has had the guts to enforce? There is no discrimination or racism here. The police are simply being instructed to ask for I.D. IF they have the person detained to begin with. The police aren't just going to pull someone over or aside just because they're not white. The police are going to pull someone aside only during traffic stops. These are people that are in the country who broke the law to come here. Most of them are NOT down-trodden and hard working, they are dangerous criminals.

    Dial Corporation, US Airways, Pinnacle West, Phelps Dodge, PetsMart HQ, Finova, Avnet, Apollo Group

    Air, water, and sunlight. Please boycott all of those now so we don't have to listen to you anymore. Asker said - "Why don't all you people who just complain about politics actually get out and do something about it instead of just sitting behind a keyboard crying and whining? I'm guessing all of you must be Native American, huh? And have been here for the last 4 or 500 years.." No, I am not...but my ancestors came here legally, and also they weren't drug smugglers who murdered American citizens who got in their way after they snuck in here. They also learned English, got jobs, defended America in WWI and WWII, and did not come over here and stick their hand out and expect our government to pay their way. You liberals will never learn that earning your way in society is what built this country into greatness, not criminals and bums who ask for handouts. To answer your other question, "how do you know they came here legally" that you ask about my ancestors, to answer that, I know because most of them came here in the early 1900's when there were immigration processes in place, and I actually have seen one of my great-grandfathers immigration papers that have been kept in my family. It was hundreds of years before my ancestors came here that the original colonists came. And to compare the original colonists to today's border jumpers is comparing apples to oranges. Back then there was no nation, no law of the land, today there is. Today there are laws that need to be followed. Not too many other countries offer the opportunities that America offers, so we need to restrict that priviledge to those who want to play by the rules. I don't see anything evil about that. Those who come here illegally do not play by the rules and should not be rewarded, I don't care whether they come from Mexico or my ancestoral land of Sweden. If hoardes of Swedes were coming in here without taking the proper immigration steps, I would say kick them out too. It just so happens we share a border with Mexico, and their people are not white. So what. I don't care who they are. This is not racism or being unfair. This is wanting all others who benefit from American society to play by the rules just like the rest of us who are here legally do. How is that unfair?

    Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus, Lettuce, Cauliflower, Peppers, etc. So go naked and starve yourself.

    Illegals. They produce tons of them. I agree we need to boycott these illegals. Just yesterday I ran off my neighbor's lawn guy.

    The biggest one is the US Army so what will you do?

    "What products come from Arizona?" - Answer: illegal aliens

    Illegal aliens now, how many do you want ?

What should I believe...?

  • Liza Gislason
    Liza Gislason
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  • Durward Kemmer
    Durward Kemmer
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  • Waylon Cormier
    Waylon Cormier
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  • Lillian Gleason
    Lillian Gleason
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  • Elissa Bins
    Elissa Bins
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  • Brendan Gerhold
    Brendan Gerhold
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  • Alivia Eichmann
    Alivia Eichmann
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  • Myrtice Conroy
    Myrtice Conroy
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  • Roberta Auer
    Roberta Auer
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  • Lionel Hoppe
    Lionel Hoppe
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