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    I was from upstate (Albany) and was sent by my employer to work in Phoenix. One word: HOT. From June to October It's over 100 and you do not go outside during the day. You go from one air conditioned environment to another. Instead of heating costs you have an enormous electric bill. Some people keep the indoor temperature at 90 to save money. Even at night the pool water is over 90. A lot of zoners head to San Diego in the summer to beat the heat. Ironically, that is where I live now. It's the nicest place I've ever visited or lived. BTW If I was moving to the desert I would choose Nevada. The climate is the same as Arizona but there's more to do and there is no income tax.

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Volunteer Abroad?

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    Jed Goldner
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    Carlee Flatley
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    Sonya Von
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