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    I just rented a home in Arizona with a very ugly lawn. It is basically very hard dirt and weeds. I would like to plant some grass seeds, but I have a few things working against me. First, as I mentioned, the ground is just hard dirt, second, it is 120 degrees here, completely sunny, and super hot. Then, i have all these crazy birds who eat whatever seeds i put down. Finally, since this is a rental, I don't want to spend a bunch of money, I just don't want the ugly lawn on the block. Does anyone have any suggestions? PS. If you just want to leave me a sarcastic comment, remember, you are the only one who thinks you're funny. Thanks in advance for any actual advice you can give me!

    If you live near a nursery where they have sod, try buying three or four pieces at a time. That way you only have to prepare a small section of your soil as you go. You will need to water daily, until you notice new growth. After that, water deeply, around every three or four days. You can add a new section each time you have successfully gotten the last one to take off. I would recommend a small lawn; we have a big one, and it takes a lot of water. The only reason I bother to keep it up is that I would be a poor steward to let the yard go. I also live in a rental, so I can't landscape the lot to conserve water. Good luck!

    Unless you have a lot of money for soil prep and water, forget the lawn and put in plants indigenous to your area. P.S. Don't forget the possibility of water rationing this summer, that would make maintaining a lawn impossible.

    Rock?? and plant some flowers or something?? I live in Morrow too!! :)

Accounting-Statement of Cash Flows..Help PLEASE!!!?

  • Kamron Lindgren
    Kamron Lindgren
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  • Mason Labadie
    Mason Labadie
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