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    We know what white supremacists are all about and I'm pretty sure she does to. So why is somebody that claims to uphold the Constitution and our laws gladly accepting donations from a group that is fueled by hate and violence? If the Mexican Drug Cartel sent her money, would she stash that in the bank to? ===================== White Supremacists Donate to Arizona SB 1070's Legal Defense When all these hate groups and white supremacists insist on demonstrating their whole-hearted support for Arizona SB 1070 (which was set to go into effect tomorrow but keys parts have been temporarily blocked), it's not easy for defenders of the law to reject criticisms that the law is racist through and through. The deck was stacked against them from the start, what with SB 1070 being designed by Kris Kobach, lawyer for the nativist hate group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which is all tangled up with white nationalists and has accepted $1.2 million in donations from and published support for the Pioneer Fund, "a foundation established to promote the genes of white colonials." Up until recently, FAIR listed the group "Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement" on its state contacts page, despite the array of Holocaust denial videos on the organization's website. Under pressure from civil rights organizations, FAIR decided to fend off well-deserved charges of bigotry by finally removing this Holocaust-denial group from its approved list.

    Jan Brewer hired a Hate Group Lawyer to draft the bill, so that should tell you what her plans are for Arizona. Hate Group Lawyer Drafted Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Law

    David duke ( former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan) probably the most racist man alive, ran for president three times in the past two decades, and 13 states put him on the ballot. Explain that. "Our clear goal must be the advancement of the white race and separation of the white and black races. This goal must include freeing of the American media and government from subservient Jewish interests.”- David Duke. Nothing to do with racism right?

    Arizona loves those groups. They are kicking out the Mexicans to make more room for white trash like the White Supremacists.

    There is not a shred of evidence that money is coming from white supremacists. Where do you get these dreams from?

    Same reason illegals except all of the freebies they can get off of anyone without being subjective.

    This should come as no surprise. We all know that SB 1070 is racist. At the same time, because of the US Constitution and the First Amendment, all groups, even racist groups, have the right to support legitimate political causes. But you are correct. The Morrow Gov., out of principle, should have returned the donation.

    Why is Obama and one of Clintons appointed judges siding with Criminals? Who have broken federal law?

    Like Jan Brewer said at a meeting the other day "White is alright, Brown is going down town".

    So not wanting your child to be raped and sodomized by some low life illegal alien makes you a member of a hate group? Does that mean that there are pro-criminal groups that believe that children of US citizens should be raped and sodomized by some low life illegal alien? Who makes up these lists? Oh! Right! The splc whose founder is a wife beating child molesting scum bag! No wonder he wants children molested! He's one of the molesters!

    I like SB1070 and I know money is needed to support this bill but I guess money is money. I'm sure if the NAACP or La Raza (even though it's unlikely, just said it because it's a Hispanic group) no one would say anything or care. :P

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