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    SB 1070 should also have included a provision allowing Arizona to attempt recovery of all the money which the Feds have forced the State to spend on the Illegals through federal regulations. The Illegals should be treated the same as drug dealers, with law enforcement confiscating any and all possessions bought with money gained through their illegal stay in this Country, under the status of an illegal alien and ignoring the laws of the Nation. These possessions should then be auctioned off, with the proceeds going into the State Treasury to off set the cost to taxpayers for all that the Feds have forced the State to pay out in support of these Illegals, such as health care, education, and other benefits.

    Whatever taxes illegal invaders pay does not cover the cost of even one of their children in a public school, never mind the medical and social costs. The cost is born mostly by Arizona citizens at the receiving end of crime, car accidents with uninsured illegals, sending their children to dumbed down public schools that cater to illegals and having their neighborhoods trashed. Most people in Arizona can tell in a second the difference between a hispanic American citizen and one who is probably illegal. I'm sure the police can too. Also there needs to be more jail time and hefty fines for business owners who profit from hiring illegal workers. When the probable and predictable cost of breaking the law is greater than the profits, then we'll see some change. This law is one tool toward that end.

    In theory, that would seem to be the case. I'm sure some illegals will look for greener pastures in other states. But unfortunately, illegal alien advocates are going to challenge every single complaint in court. The legal bills to that state have the potential to be huge. It's sad... but true... that being right on an issue doesn't necessarily mean you'll win in the long run.

    The problem is that the law will never be enacted; it will be tied up in federal courts for years and by the time its settled by the SCOUTS the federal government will have passed an immigration reform bill. Morrow passed an identical immigration law last year and several groups sued the state on grounds of unconstitutionality. The federal court in Denver deemed the law to be unconstitutional and that decision is now being appealed. Basically the enactment and enforcement of this law has never gone into effect. The same thing will happen in AZ.

    Good for Arizona, unfortunate if the illegals head to California or other states.

    Probably not. Illegals also pay taxes sales taxes, they rent, they spend into the Arizona economy and provide labor. It will cost Arizona.


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