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    HI, i'm an army wife, and i want to know how you handle the finances if you are unemployed. i'm uneployed (just moved from fl to va) and i find it a bit hard being a military wife and unemployed. and i came to realize that i doesn't matter how many degress i have, i will always experience periods of unemployment due to my huband's constant moving. it really sucks. I just want to know your opinion and if you are in the same situation.

    I totally get what your saying. A couple of my friends have bachelor degrees, one works at wal-mart the other works at the YMCA. There are a lack of jobs near military instillation's and when you have student loans, and other debt you have to take what you can get. We've moved 3 times in 5 years and I have the worst time with job hunting. I either put on my resume' several different jobs or leave it blank? The problem is when you know another move is coming do you still get a job. We are moving in January, then again in July...What good paying job is going to what someone like that? I'm a full time student and I have a 21 month old, so finding a job that helps break even on child care is near impossible. Its like putting our son in a private school and our biggest bill that usually have to pay. However, I did make good money when I worked for a call center for ATT. Companies like that have high turn over rates and usually will take you since they want their employees to be more personal to customers and military wives seem to fit that bill. Good look with your job hunt!

    I am sorry some people are being so rude.It can be frustrating to not be able to find the job you want and not be able to have your own money.I know the feeling.I was a single mom working full time and going to school when I married my husband,I tried for a few months to find a job and couldnt so we just decided I would stay home with our three year old and were expecting another baby in June so I am satisfied with that but sometimes I miss having my own money.Since you actually have your degree I would call human resources at your base and see what open positions they have there or if you are stateside and in an area where you could apply to places with your degree I would try that.Alot of wives here really just dont work or do like in home daycare or something but that doesnt mean that has to be everybodys choice.Good luck with everything!

    Hi Pinky, I'm not a military wife but I was a Moultrie home loan officer for 12 years next door to Ft Campbell Army base and I saw your situation over and over again. It's very difficult for a loan officer to put together a 2 year work history on a military spouse when you have to move over and over again. That usually means quit one job to move...have a gap in your employment history..then find another job (not in the same field) etc etc. But I did see some career fields that could carry over from one move to the next. Registered nurses have an easy time getting a job, teachers have to get state certified but can usually get sub work pretty quickly here in my area, certified daycare providers are another area. I had a couple of wives that had been doing medical billing from home so their jobs could follow them wherever they moved. They did this by computer and mail. So I would suggest to you to really think outside the box if you aren't a teacher, RN, or daycare provider and you don't want to work at McDonalds: The internet connects us to the world. YOU have earned a degree with a certain skill set that lots of people probably need. Figure out a way to put your skill set on line and sell it. There are ways to start this with no money. Start a blog for free. Tell the world what you do. Sell your unique services or sell a product. Brainstorm this with other military wives and help each other. By being a military wife you already have THAT niche product! That's what most marketing experts would tell you to find, is a niche product. The fact that you have a degree means that you stuck it out in the education system to gain much general knowledge if not specialized knowledge! Now is your chance for you to organize that knowledge, figure out how YOU can help others, and start getting paid for your assistance. Then whenever and where ever you will not face the upheaval of starting over. I'm not selling anything. Email me if you want more information and I will tell you what I've done now that I left my old job. I think I can help you

    Welcome to my world! And I'm a teacher! It is difficult, and it can be a strain on the budget, but you just have to learn to make it work. Also, start looking for jobs outside of your specialty. And, depending upon your degree, check into volunteer work. I worked as a volunteer at a local non-profit at one base. After 2 years they decided that since I was putting in so much time and responsible for so much that perhaps they should actually pay me! And, they got me cheap as I didn't need any medical or dental. Not as good as teacher pay, but hey, it was pay and it was a great place to work. I, too, find it very hard to take low-level jobs... I'd rather volunteer where my skills can be used than ask if they want fries with that! So.... I don't apply for those jobs. I also find creative ways to bring in a few extra dollars.... I sew so I do stripes for the guys and I also do GS and BS uniforms. I've been known to do private tutoring (pays good money!) I also substitute teach to get my foot in the door. And, I even trained with H&R Block to get paid to do taxes! (I always end up with a handful of customers at each base just from word getting out that I do taxes cheaper than they do!!) Hope that's a little bit of a help. Stay strong and think outside the box!

    Sorry, but I felt for you all the way till "a part time job at McDonald's when I have a bachelors degree". In today's world, most people would be happy to have a McDonald's job. And a bachelors degree doesn't guarantee you a job. And a bachelors degree should have made you aware of how to handle finances and if you can't make it, get a part time job.

    If you are that well educated then you should try out for a GS job or DOD job. You may also work for the PX/AAFES, all of which transfers with your husband when you go to other bases. Another suggestion is that you should just stay where you're at. With the Armys new homesteading program you can stay at the same bases for upwards of ten years or more instead of moving every 2 or 3 like we did back in the day. It's VERY easy to stay at the same base for a long time these days...something you should look into if the prospect of moving doesn't appeal to you.

    Although I practice financial planning in the West Indies, I think I can help you a bit. (read: DISCLAIMER!) That being said, you should look for smart options for making money. There are 2 ways of making money for all economies and for all people, and that's either from investments or from earning an income. My best suggestions for investment income are: 1. real estate investing (requires learning about buying commercial complexes, apartment buildings, buildings or homes to fix-up and re-sell; does not require a real estate license) 2. mutual fund returns (and other like products) My best suggestion for earning an income is to start your own business. Not everyone is cut out to run their own business, so if you have the passion but don't feel you have enough talent for all the work required, you can consider partnering w/someone or hiring key staff to fill any gaps you have personally. Most importantly, create a business plan! Look online for free downloads of a template or sample to guide you in preparing your own. Present this to your lender(s) or investor(s) to show that you have thought through everything, esp. financially (pricing, start-up costs, ongoing expenses, loan servicing, and what-ifs). You can hire a pro to do this for you, but I suggest you at least have a crack at working things out this way before strangers see what you are trying to achieve.

    Does nobody know about getting a GS or DOD job??! Look online at You must select yes when it asks you are you claiming spouse preference on the search page. As an army spouse, YOU GET PUCHED TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE when it comes to jobs working for the Dept of the Army or Dept of Defense (any branch really, Dept Army, Dept Navy, Dept AF, DOD). I live on Fort Sam, and all I had was a diploma from a 9 month school for medical assisting. It took some months, but I got a job as a DA Civilian, and it's easy to transfer when my husband has to PCS. There was a lady I worked with when I started. She had been doing this same job (as a contractor) for 13 years, obviously more experienced than me (being that I'm only 21), and every year she applied for that GS job, but I got it first JUST BECAUSE IM AN ARMY SPOUSE!! Check it out. They have openings for everything from a brain surgeon to a janitor.

    In todays world it isn't just military spouses who have a hard time finding a job it is everyone! Unemployment is at its highest because of budget cuts, lay offs, etc...Whether you have a degree or not. It doesn't matter if you move every few years because you can still find employment, you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Try for a government job, see if you can register to be a substitute teacher, work on base, try a temp agency, etc... You can also try volunteer work, while it might not pay in the beginning it might lead to actual word. Sometimes if you make contacts it can lead to employment later on.

    I don't work right now (by choice) and we have no problems at all with our finances. We have no debt, except for our car payment at $250 a month, and just pay the phone, cable and internet. If we can't pay for it with cash, we don't buy it or we save up for it or use our tax return. He's an E-5 and takes home around $1100 eery two weeks after taxes. It's more than enough for us. It's ll about budgeting. I have a Master's and find it impossible to work in my career field with the constant deployments. Since it is not imperative to our survival that I work, my husband as no issues with my stying home, doing housework, cooking, cleaning and taking care of our son. I still pursue courses online as time and money dictate.