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    I agree. They should of stop this along time ago!!!! Not saying we shouldn't allow other people to live here, we are all immigrants at one time. But do it the right way with a passport. If we don't have enough jobs and money in the us to help support other people then you don't invite them in? hello!! Don't get me started about the government! Oh and just to add to the comment above about the stopping someone to see there Moultrie because they look like an immigrant , Answer this when you get pulled over do they ask to see you licence or if a hooker is pulled off to the side is she asked to see her ID?? What if they look suspicious? What if there walking alone and have no where to stay? Everyone is asked to see there ID! Every one is asked not just Immigrants. And to the one above something about just Hispanics. if you read the new law its says Immigrants meaning ALL IMMIGRANTS .

    Well, I currently live in a country where the police can stop me at any time and ask to see my passport - so I have to carry it at all times or be in violation of the law and get fined out of the a$$ and, if they really wanted to, be put into jail. It's a bit of annoyance and kind of demeaning when I get stopped (it's happened about 3 times) but it was only an annoyance because I'm legal. That being said, do you really want any part of America to operate the way that China does? I think it's good for local law enforcement to have some teeth concerning the immigration issue because federal laws don't help if the state can't enforce them but, at the same time, this one may go a little bit farther in practice than we, as Americans, should ultimately be comfortable with.

    So which you attempt to declare we've too many racists in our state legislatures? No ask your self perfect-wingers elect states rights as quickly as returned. BTW Moultrie regulation isn't hardline on immigration, because of the fact if it only allowed the regulation enforcement officers to handle illegals that have been already being arrested, it became no longer something yet an exercising in redundancy. What it allowed is them to invest that any and all hispanics have been unlawful immigrants and insist they tutor otherwise. this is hardline against brown human beings. the superb-wingers are purely excellent themselves via as quickly as returned making themselves look like they're racists jointly as they are going to cry approximately all and sundry thinking they're. save up the large artwork. i'm confident that's going to artwork out properly for you human beings so the effect of 2012 you will have the skill to cry the kind you have been beat via opposite racism and affirmative action.

    I wouldn't know, maybe you could go into more detail. I live in California where immigration laws suck.

    I think arizona is gonna get sued because what if they stop a citizen just because he looks like a immigrate

    The greatest law would target ALL ILLEGALS, not just Hispanic illegals.

    I think its unfair, honestly. l; Everyone deserves a equal opportunity for a better life, we shouldn't deprive people and their children of that.

    I loved it...I even loved it more how the lib media was holding out hope the Governor wouldnt sign it while trying to be non-partisan...

    I will reserve judgment until I see it in action...get back to me in a year.

    Its terrible, because how would they apply it to the Canadian border?

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    Clarabelle Brekke
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