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    You would be better off checking out Gilbert, AZ....it is just south of Mesa....shouldnt be a bad commute.....The schools are better and it is more of a family type community,,,,UNLESS you consider Las Sendas In Mesa....It is located in the Mountain Park of mesa and it borders desert area which is very pretty and peaceful. Las Sendas has many types of homes available condos, townhomes and single family homes. It is a golf course community and has beautiful community/club house with pool, it has an elemntary within the community as well. I know so much because we had friends who lived there and it was great. Cost of living will be slightly higher than what you pay in NC. We moved there to Gilbert about 4 plus yrs ago from atlanta (which I think would be similiar, although Raleigh might be more). This is before prices spiked though and we got a nice house for the money. Now since things have settled down...you will be in the driver's seat for bargaining, I think. You asked about Mesa....besides the community I recommended ( Las sendas), Mesa has mostly retirees and has a hodge podge of Senior mobile home villiages and strip shopping malls. Las Sendas is a nicer area, but you would have to drive thru the hodge podge areas to get to it. It is accessible to the HWY 202 which makes it a plus. If you got kids...cenrtainly check out Gilbert, you may get a better feel there. Suburban with a cowboy feel....I loved it and would move back. People were friendly and laid back. All your shopping is conveniently located. We lived in a community called Ashland ranch....most all communites have their own elementary school. I cant give you much on the school other than Gilbert has the best ranked ones. we left before kids became school aged....but it was the main reason we chose that area. Please feel free to ask me more questions....I dont live there any more but I still visit a few times a yr. My mother in law is a realtor too.

    Mesa is a great town...especially on the east end of Mesa!!! Off of Baseline & Ellsworth is a place called "Monte Vista Village Resort". Its Beautiful, Clean, extremely quiet and a great place to meet people. I live here!!!!!!! Call this phone # and ask for Mary Ash and see what is available. Its a great community and we have everything so close by. Safeway is right next to our front gate, then Albertson's across the street, all sorts of fast food places. Its a great place and ITS SAFE...thats why I really like it here. Plus you have so much shopping close by too. You have Target, Kmart, Walmart, Borders...Everything!!! Call (800)435-7128 and ask for Mary Ash and tell her that Yvonne James referred you. Have her send you a brochure. I will tell you...its an awesome place!!! Good luck!!!!!

    I used to stay in Mesa, enjoyed it! we are residing in a severe-high quality apartment, on the corner of Guadeloupe and u . s . club. severe-high quality place swimming pool with Jacuzzi. that's been 8 years i won't be able to bear in mind the call of the condos. you will adore the components, that's in common terms precise interior the iciness, and funky summer season afternoons. reliable success at the same time with your flow!

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    Vinnie Boyer
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