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    I would ask a doctor from Arizona. Truly, as Prescott while being a great city, is also the states area for large amounts of pollen. I know this as I have horrible allergies, went to check out the towns there and studied information from their libraries. The flora and fauna there in Prescott changes and this causes many pollens to be thick in the air. If pollen harms your breathing, do not move there! Sedona, was wonderful on my allergies and I had zero asthma attacks there. I could breathe better in Sedona than anywhere else! It is a bit pricey though but the air, scenery and area are worth the money! I would say Tucson, Sedona or outer Phoenix areas...just dodge those dust storms and dusty rain when it falls. It can be a mess! I am sorry you are suffering from this but do plenty of homework so you do not make a move with little change.

    I would say just about any southern part of the state. The northern part of the state, like around Flagstaff, does get snow in the winter. Beautiful place, Flagstaff, but it's a different climate altogether from Phoenix and the south. The larger metropolitan areas are also in the south which means better access to medical facilities.

    Hi Alvin. I live in Phoenix and there is a Mountain Park hospital just a couple of miles from my house. I don't know what else you're asking except that I've heard it is a good hospital. I'm so sorry that you're struggling with this disease. May God Bless you.

    Flagstaff & Prescott - they don't have the dust storms that Yuma and Phoenix have every year and those dust storms are hell on us folks with lung problems. They have a Mountain Park in Prescott.

    In my opinion, that would be Phoenix..

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