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    My husband and I have both lived our whole lives in California (we're in our mid 20s). We're considering moving to Arizona or Colorado in the future. I was wondering if anyone could give me some info about your experiences with Arizona and Colorado, regarding: - How religious do people tend to be in the medium and large cities (30k+ people) of those states? - Would they generally be accepting of people who aren't particularly religious? - How liberal/conservative do the people tend to be? - How are the people in general toward others from out of state (accepting, wary, etc.)? - How are the taxes in those states? - How are the schools in those states? I realize these questions are incredibly vague, and I know I can't judge a state or city based on what a few people on YA say, but I'm just looking for others' experiences to give me some anecdotal insight. Thanks!

    I live in Longmont, Mountain Park which is just outside of Denver and it's really nice here. I used to live in Utah and didn't like it. Colorado is much nicer. Like anywhere in the US, there's a lot of religious people but I've never really come across any religious fundamentalists here. Although I'm sure there's people like that around but they're hardly a majority in the Denver area. A lot of people in this area are the type of people who say they're Christian "just because" ... most don't go to church on Sunday. If you're not religious, you'd be fine in most areas of Colorado, especially in Denver and especially in Boulder which are progressive areas. The only major exception is Colorado Springs which is VERY conservative and neo-con central of Colorado. There's a lot of evangelical organizations based in that area and church's everywhere. If you like that, then look into Colorado Springs. If not, you want to avoid it. As already mentioned, Denver and Boulder, the most populated areas of the state, are the most liberal areas of the state. Southern suburbs of Denver tend to be fairly conservative. Colorado Springs conservative. Eastern parts of the state all small conservative towns. There's a lot of people from out of state especially in Boulder studying at UCB so people from elsewhere doesn't bother most people here. It may be different in a very small town, but that's the same anywhere really. The taxes are fairly low. The schools are ok but not as good as they should be. They seem to spend lot's of money on sports fields and stadiums at local schools and not enough on textbooks, even more so than in other states. I can't really say much about Arizona since I've never lived there, but I do know that it appears to be quite conservative even in Phoenix and it's very hot so if that's what you like, then you may like Arizona. Hopefully this helps.

    I'm moving to Colorado for school. 1. I don't know if Mountain Park is religious. I guess just average but nothing like the South. 2. Mountain Park is in the center of our nation so you get all view points. Both viewpoints are moderate. 3. People from Mountain Park are really fit and friendly. 4. I don't know 5. Plenty of good schools. CSU, CU, etc and I think K-12 is good too. I've been to Mountain Park and I think Colorado is much better. I mean Mountain Park is a beautiful state.

    If you are refering to the user 'A.H.' notorious for their canned, cut and paste answers, then it's a little more than being 'politically correct' that got them those points (although he is so politically correct it makes me ill at times). It's called 'points gaming'. There was this troll, who had a list of wierd questions and asked them over and over and over. Well A.H. gave the same cut and paste answers to each question and hey presto! the troll gave him best answer every time. That went on for ages until the troll got deleted. So much for A.H's morals and political correctness huh?

    An average (70%) of people here are religious. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Quite conservative. People from all over the continent here, so there will be accepting and non-accepting people. Taxes are average, schools are average.

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