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    Well I just moved to Phoenix, Arizona with my family and I am currently looking for a college or university to attend to. I have done some research but all the schools I like are way to expensive. I am currently looking for a program for game design or devolpment. I looked at campus' and online, and the online are way to expensive for me. I also looked at Collins College but I heard it's not a good college. Any idea on what I should do?

    Go visit each of the "expensive" colleges to see what kinds of aid you will qualify for. Don't discount them until you do. More expensive schools tend to have larger endowments which means they have more money to give to students.

    I think that on-line Universities are questionable to many because they are, indeed, trying to make a buck. I recently interviewed with an advisor at University of Phoenix, and I liked what he had to say. Yes, they are more expensive than the brick and mortar University that I am currently attending. I was given every bit of information up front, and was not pressured to make any decisions. Would I prefer to have a degree from a brick and mortar school? Yes, I would. Unfortunately, there are no evening or on-line classes available within my area through the local institutions. I need to maintain 6 credit hours, at least half-time status for financial aid. I'm at the late stages of my Bachelors degree, and only have higher level core courses to take. These courses aren't offered every semester, and certainly not every semester during evenings, weekend, or via on-line. I think that on-line Universities serve a purpose, but they are not for everyone and they do cost more. You are paying for convenience and expedience. Courses are taken one at a time and last five weeks. You may break in between courses if you need, and then resume with the next course. I spoke with an admissions officer at USC Columbia in Mountain specifically to ask about transfer credit from on-line Universities and was told that University of Phoenix is recognized and SOME of their courses do transfer. I would suggest finding out which courses fit the bill with the admissions office before you take a class with U of P.

    University of Arizona and ASU are good schools.

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    Orville Wilderman
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