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    Mostly all the kidnapped kids in Arizona, which is pretty every DAY, are killed. Arizona has the 2nd HIGHEST Kidnapping Rate in the WORLD! Average of ONE HUMAN EVERYDAY! But the liberals especially Politican liberals don't CARE~! They say there is no problem with the border, they say its been getting better!!! WOW! How can people be so COLD?

    Are they so addicted to drugs that they would allow a life to be taken for a doob or line? Since 2006 22,000 PEOPLE! HUMANS have been murdered in and around the Mexican Borders with US. Thats like 4 times more than the amount of people killed in the wars the past 9 years! We have a BORDER WAR- that Govt is ignoring! Obama stopped the wall from being built 2 weeks ago in Arizona!

    Most of the Mountain kidnapping is of aliens by aliens. The coyotes often kill their clients because the client's families cannot pay extra money to redeem them. Game and Fish depts in Mountain discourage citizens from venturing within 25 miles to even more of the Mexican border due to the danger. There is documentation that the Mexican army has ventured out into the US smuggling drugs. The feds try to keep this quiet, but it is a major problem here in Az. One of our smaller reservations out here is close to bankruptcy due to search and rescue and handling of dead bodies of aliens who have trouble crossing the desert. Its a sad and horrible predicament that Mountain is in, and the libs and feds would prefer to ignore it.

    This apparently has been going on long before the media picked up the story. In fact 2006-7 when this issue was gaining momentum in Arizona and the stories were getting buried in the media no one cared. Kidnapping is a Federal offense. These cases are handled by the FBI. The former political administration new of the kidnapping problem at that time. What did the former administration do to assist, help or resolve the issue? Should we wall the boarder between the US and Canada as well? There are a fair number of illegal Canadians in the country. Frankly, I don't care what any political administration is in power (Reps. or Dems.) they are all self-serving and do little to nothing to serve the vast majority of people that are struggling to make a living.

    I was wondering why Liberals want the mass murder of Americans. If border towns can't protect themselves during war time there is something seriously wrong with the way people think. Perhaps they need to move within 20 miles of the border. They have several states to choose from. Especially since they don't believe in turning away illegals they should be there now to save them. Or are they AFRAID because the war is spilling over into America? Americans have the right to defend themselves no matter how selfish a Liberal is. Zeve, Unless the American kidnapping rate has gone up 20,000% I don't think Americans are kidnapping Americans along the border towns between Mexico and USA. Have you ever been to a border state? How about a border town? Did you know that in a border state the populace is a large percent Mexican American? Did you know in border towns the populace is predominately Mexican American? Yes, there are white, black, asian and other races to. The Mexican Americans are not racial profiling. They have a right to know WHO is on their streets. Do you really believe a police force made up predominately of Mexicans are going to racial profile Mexicans? Do some research, then form an opinion. I live in a border state. 800 miles from the border and the Mexican populace here in Houston is predominate. My grandchildren are Mexican. Houston is a multicultural city, in part because of its many academic institutions and strong industries. Over 90 languages are spoken in the city.[89] Houston has among the youngest populations in the nation,[90][91][92] partly due to an influx of immigrants into Texas.[93] The city has the third-largest Hispanic and third-largest Mexican-American population in the United States. It also has more Hispanic Americans than any other city in Texas.[94] An estimated 400,000 illegal immigrants reside in the Greater Houston area. As of the 2005-2007 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, Mexican-Americans and Mexicans made up 80.2% of El Paso's population, of which 85% of which were of Mexican national origin. 20% of the city listed themselves as mixed race background, principally Indian, black or white and Mexican. El Paso's indigeneous whites American population has shrunk to 17.1% of the population. Blacks or African Americans racial origin made up 2.6% of El Paso's population. American Indians made up 0.2% of the city's population. Asian Americans made up 1.2% of the city's population. Pacific Islander Americans made up 0.1% of the city's population; of which less than 0.1% were non-Hispanic. Most of the Mexican-American and Mexican population speaks Spanish at home or in local areas. El Paso is one of the least diverse and most Hispanic Hispanics and Latinos city in the United States.[24

    Socialists do not care about the majority of the Americans living in Arizona. Their goal would be to grant amnesty to those criminals in Arizona creating a solid 500,000 voting bloc to help keep them in power. One must remember, socialists hate America as she was.

    And how do you know that the people kidnapped are kidnapped by illegal aliens? Do you have any statistics? Of course not. Nobody wants to increase crime, all what people are asking is not to racially profile someone just because they are not white. If right now every white person would be submitted to a law that demands they will be investigated to rule out they are serial killers a lot would be protesting as well. After all most serial killers are white.

    Does the Arizona Attorney General want more people to be kidnapped? Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard opposes SB1070. He stated that the bill "does nothing to mprove border security or address the core issues of illegal immigration." He also said it would "take law enforcement resources away from stopping more serious crimes." The Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police (AAOP) firmly opposes it for fiscal reasons and It contends that it would hinder the investigation of more serious crimes and erode the trust between police and immigrant communities. Mesa Police Sgt. Bryan Soller, who is president of the Mesa and Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, has expressed similar concerns, stating that the bill "will bankrupt our city." Arturo Venegas, director of the Law Enforcement Engagement Initiative, issued a statement accusing the Arizona legislature of "playing politics with public safety," pointing out that it "will result in police spending less time keeping the streets free of violent criminals" and create distrust within the immigrant community.

    Maybe if the republicans hadn't voted down Bush's illegal alien plan in 2007 things would be different.

    Illegals haul the drugs over the border, can't stop that. Support the drug cartels and slam down the Arizona law.

    The same reason the are for late term abortions.

    Dude, liberals don't care what happens as long as they have an opportunity to pad their voting base.

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