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    My "ARIZONA CERTIFICATE OF TITLE" says nothing about off road use only so that's easy. once its Street legal will they give me a new license plate that says MO(motorcycle)? because mine at the moment says RV (recreational vehicle) i believe is it means . any idea how much insurance i would be paying? o and my atv use motor oil for the engine and tranny its semi-automatic 06 honda TRX could using it on the streets cause overheating? if so i can swap the oil cooler for a bigger one it has a fan also for when its in idle? could running to cool be bad? thanks for your time in reading this and THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSES!

    It is the factory "For Off Road Use Only" designation that will keep this ATV off of the street. Open your eyes. Look on the highway Look on the Interstate Highway There is a reason you don't see these on your streets and highways. It is because these are designated from the factory as "Off Road Use Only". It doesn't matter what the title says. What part of "Off Road Use Only" do you not understand? What do you think makes your Off Road ATV so special that you can make it street legal? Does it have the required EPA emissions control systems? Did you know that motorcycles manufactured after 2002 for street use are required to meet EPA emissions standards? Off road use only vehicles are exempt at this time because they are for "Off Road Use Only". This ATV was made in 2006 so there is a good chance that you would need to have the emissions level inspected and pass the EPA requirements for motorcycles made after 2002. Does it have DOT legal tires? Does it have DOT legal brake lights, tail lights or turn signals? Does it have a DOT legal horn? Does it have a DOT legal headlight? Is the braking system DOT legal? Also, how long do you think that this ATV would last at sustained highway speeds. Yes, many will do 70 MPH plus for short bursts. But how do you think the drive train would hold up at a sustained steady speed of 70 MPH for 30 minutes to an hour without a break? Especially in the Arizona heat. You will need to change the final drive ratio for your engine and transmission to survive. But you will lose your low speed power that you would want for trail use. Instead of asking this question here on Yahoo Answers I suggest you take a ride to your local DMV office to see what I mean. These are the people you would need to satisfy to get a license plate to ride this on the street. You will find out that this won't happen. I would ask the DMV before spending any money attempting to make this ATV street legal. You wouldn't want to spend a lot of money only to find out that you can't use it on the street.

    Street Legal Atv Arizona

    The other answers provided here are from people that know nothing of what they speak. In Arizona you can license your atv for on road use by installing mirrors, turn signals and a horn, then you pay a one-time fee for your license plate (I believe it's $125.)

    Just for giggles, in Mt I have my 800 CanAM licensed and it is the same as a motorcylce I think as it can be ridden on any highway. Have motorcycle insurance, and horn. The horn was all I needed to add to make legal. I have run it at 65 for half hour, did fine still does. Run ning on the US roads, the state police just wave so I assume it is ok. I also have run it in Mountain at the Hatfield McCoy ATV Trails and can ride on most local roads near the event. Legel. Dave M

    An ATV must be street legal in order to get it registered and some ATVs may require additional equipment or modivications in order to be street legal. AN ATV must also pass inspection in order to be registered. you can take the ATV to MVD to have it inspected. Only after inspection will the mVD issue a registration plate, which will be clearly marked with an MC. This plate show the ATV is street legal in Arizona and can be operated on streets or highways. Equipment Needed for Registration In order to get an ATV registered in Arizona it must have the following equipment: * At least one brake that can be operated by hand or foot. * Brake light. * At least one, but not more than two, headlights that shine at least 500 feet ahead. * At least one taillight visible for at least 500 feet to the rear. * At least one red rear reflector, if not part of the taillight. * License plate securely fastened to the rear of the ATV. * License plate light. * Horn audible from a distance of at least 200 feet. * Muffler in good working order and in constant operation. Muffler cutout, bypass or similar device prohibited. * Rearview mirror. * Seat and footrests for the operator. * Fuel tank cap. * If you live in the Phoenix or Tucson metro areas you may also need to have your ATV emissions tested. Traveling on Arizona Streets or Highways back * If you are operating an ATV on a street or highway it must be registered and insured. * You must observe and obey all traffic laws and regulations. * You must have a class M license for a three-wheel ATV and a class D license for a four-wheel ATV. * Registration and proof of insurance must be with the ATV. * All persons on an ATV must wear eye protection. * Persons, under the age of 18, must wear a helmet on an ATV. * A driver may not carry a passenger on an ATV designed for one person. As to insurance, recommend Geico.

    Well I've never been on a plane. I probably wouldn't try to talk to the passenger and that's mainly because I'm not great at talking to people and I wouldn't class myself as being social as I'm more of a private person.

    You would have to change and add a whole lot of things to make it "street legal". 4 street legal "for highway use" tires. turn signals. marker lights. Head light high and low beam. Brake lights. (probably already have them) speedometer with odometer street legal exhaust. It will have to pass emissions test.If its two cycle it will NEVER pass emissions.

Intermediate accounting question?

  • Coty Schaefer
    Coty Schaefer
    Okanagan the availability ltd. engaged the following expenses for the construction of a fresh the dress the preparation coinciding with financial , period. " -lrb- 1 -rrb- direct labour, $79,900 2. the distribution of the president’s salary, $54,900 3 0 are available by buying the building, $87,000 4. attention to prepared for project funding its reconstruction annex ii completion, $3,100 the five sharing of the placement the generals (variable) within the framework of child labour of working hours to obtain the building, $34,500 6. architectural project plans of the united nations building, $7,900 what i 'm thinking expenses must be entered the of maintenance for new building?
  • Vesta Farrell
    Vesta Farrell
    -rrb- of expenses reports scope of the of expenses new wing without prejudice #2 allocated the president's wage rates