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    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has close ties to the private prisons that are housing illegals arrested with SB1070. So the more alleged illegals put in the jails, the more money she and the prisons make. Brewer shoved this law through right before the elections for votes. This same thing happened to US kids in the Newnan Child Care facility, just for profits under the Reagan days....so is this why Republicans love privatizing? So are Hispanics being wrongfully detained and jailed just for votes and profit in Arizona?

    Yes! Republicans are just in it for the profits. Profit vs. justice: Private prisons, SB1070 & the hijacking of criminal justice Oct 28th, 10 / 3 Comments / Share this Entry NPR today reported a disturbing tale about how private prison lobbyists helped to craft and push for Arizona’s controversial immigration law, SB1070, to help pad their bottom lines. If you haven’t heard/read the story by my old friend Laura Sullivan about how capitalism – not justice or public safety – may have motivated the law, check it out here.

    Isn't that what a politician does is get votes. Plus the law calls for deporting illegals, so im not sure how the jails will make money off people that are not there long term. The real question is why are hispanics wrongfully playing the race card just to protect their illegal family members and friends?

    How can an illegal be wrongfully detained? You act like they have the right to be over here. That's the point of SB1070, to help rid the State of these illegals. Now all we need is ICE to send them back.

    That was the plan, to wronfully detain and scare brown people away, but only if it worked. Not oner person has been deported since SB1070 went into effect! It was just a political ploy to get votes and make money.

    YEP! That's the Conservative way!

    Usually when you decide to start enforcing your laws, you need jails. That doesn't take einstein to figure out.

    What part of the word "illegal" don't you understand?

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