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    Absolutely! Although my state doesn't border on Mexico, my city is filled to brimming with illegals hanging out at the local Home Depot, construction sites, and in front of the welfare office. What angers me is that the federal government won't do anything about them, because they want them here. They want them here because corporations want them here to drive down wages for the rest of us. I don't hate or even dislike the illegals. I wish they could come here legally, because if they could, they would have to get at least minimum wage for their labor. Illegals are responsible for about 50% of the gang violence in my city, as well as at least 25% of drug crimes, and that costs me more tax money to pay for more cops. They should put a chip in every one of them they deport, and if they come back illegally, put them on a chain gang in Alaska.

    No. I think it goes too far. The citizenship status of all individuals should be checked if they are arrested as a part of 'in processing'. Proof of valid citizenship such as a valid drivers license should be provided. If the individual is found to be here illegally, then ICE can take action. I also support law enforcement checking the employment records of businesses. If they're found to have hired illegal immigrants, they should face stiff financial penalties. Such penalties could even be sufficient to fund the effort expended in the search for illegals. In such a case, this effort would cost the tax payer nothing and only those who illegally benefit from hiring illegals would pay the price. This threat would quickly remove the financial motivation to hire illegals. No jobs? No reason to come to America. All that remains then is the criminal element who will be picked up as a result of the law enforcement effort and either deported or incarcerated. But to look for proof of citizenship based on nothing more than 'suspicion'...what is that?...is harassment.

    So which you try to assert we've too many racists in our state legislatures? No ask your self appropriate-wingers choose states rights as quickly as back. BTW Newnan regulation isn't hardline on immigration, because of the fact if it purely allowed the regulation enforcement officers to handle illegals that have been already being arrested, it became no longer something yet an exercising in redundancy. What it allowed is them to take a position that any and all hispanics have been unlawful immigrants and insist they prepare in any different case. it incredibly is hardline against brown people. the final-wingers are purely extraordinary themselves with the help of as quickly as back making themselves look like they're racists jointly as they're going to cry approximately each physique thinking they're. shop up the great artwork. i'm valuable it is going to artwork out properly for you people so the effect of 2012 you would be waiting to cry the type you have been beat with the help of opposite racism and affirmative action.

    First of all, I don't know alot about this policy but some. So I would have to say yes and no. In the most simplest form, I would have to say that this sort of change could certainly lead to some extremely offensive situations for legal immigrants. It wouldn't be fair that legal immigrants would be treated with suspicion in any place at any time by any person. But, the illegals have no rights here, therefore, the law should be enforced by any legal agency.

    My answer is no. I am in favor of Mexicans being in this country. I refuse to call them illegal aliens. We stole 2/3 of that country 150 years ago and to call them illegal is just wrong and used to dehumanize them for our atrocity. How can you call them an immigrant when they occupied Arizona for centuries before we stole it? Americans are the illegal ones and the immigrants as well. What we as Americans did to the Mexicans was wrong and we need to make amends for it. We have become the strongest industrialized nation on the land we stole and on the backs of hard working immigrants. A few billion dollars of education and benefits per year for Mexicans in this country is a drop in the bucket compared to what we have gained from their land. Let's just go steal the rest of Mexico and then complain about the Mexicans in our country some more. Get a clue and don't forget where you came from.

    Yes, because I live in southern New Mexico and Arizona's law is just going to force all the ones who would have come into Arizona to funnel in through New Mexico now.

    No. I wish the Federal government would do what they are supposed to be doing instead of interfering in issues which are not their business..

    Nope, I like to have my pedicure and manicure done every weekend. Immigrants do it for me (although they are legal or not is none of my business). Also my housekeeper is an immigrant as well, and I like to have my apartment clean and spotless, I would hate to not have her around. We all know Americans are too lazy to do the jobs immigrants do or they only want to do them with a full benefits package and for a high salary.

    Oh yeah!!! The US Capital should now be move to Arizona ... and give Newnan to geeks with 2 - 3 Citizenship

    No. Who am I supposed to hire to build my shed now?

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