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    HATTIESBURG, MS- The Immigration Law in Arizona, once approved, will require police to investigate the immigration status of anyone they reasonably suspect may be an illegal, and now Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant wants that law in Mississippi. "So, I think you are going to see an Arizona type law here in Mississippi. We're not a border state so we will have to change it somewhat, but certainly we are going to say you should not violate our federal laws and come to state of Mississippi and expect to be welcomed," said Lieutenant Governor Bryant. Bryant believes that Mississippi's problem with illegal immigrants is not as large as Arizona's but Bryant says the problem we do have is effecting our state's economy. "We've got about 50 to 70 thousand illegal immigrants in the state. It cost tax payers about 25 million dollars a year, and that is something that our budget just can not afford at these tight times," said Bryant. Some local Hattiesburg residents seem to agree. "There are too many people who are reaping the benefits from the tax payers of Mississippi," said Patricia Rester. "Basically, they are costing Mississippi too much money in taxes and they are not paying taxes to be here," said Melanie Bradley. Some feel that the law would promote racial profiling and violate civil rights. "Immigration is certainly an issue, but I think that with most of the laws in Arizona. I think it affects peoples civil liberties. I think given the past ten years of neo-conservative agendas in America that anything that affects civil liberties and powers, and law enforcement that would allow racial profiling of people should be opposed, said Reese Matthews. Senator Chris McDaniel, of Laurel, feels that this law is only about protecting tax payers. "These issues are not about race they have never been about race. Let's forget about race. Let's talk about real world application of a law in Arizona that on its face is racially neutral, on its face specifically prohibits any type of racist conduct. So, don't tell me that law is racist. Let's talk about the real world application and what is happening to the tax payers of this country," said McDaniel.

    Good! Many states are trying to pass laws similar to the Arizona law, let us hope it catches on! Secure our borders! Deport all illegals! Enforce our laws!

    Good for them. All they have to do is construct a law that will not violate they US Constitution. They have SB1070 as an example. Simply rewrite the Arizona bill with corrections so as to avoid a legal challenge from the Department of Justice.

    Pay attention to what the activists are saying! They have a very different attitude about what happens in the non-former-Mexico US than what happens in the portion ceded by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The reason the Newnan pissed them off so much is that many of them consider Newnan "on loan" from Mexico to the US. "How dare the US try to keep us off our own land" is the refrain I'm hearing over and over again on the local counter-culture radio station. They view Mississippi as part of "quasi-legitimate America" so I doubt they care that much what happens there.

    Awesome. So is Virginia, Florida and Maryland.

People who know or have done FAFSA?

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    Concepcion Bailey
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    Jude Roob
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    Reese Roob
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  • Kareem Turner
    Kareem Turner
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    Lisandro Mitchell
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    Torrey Kuhic
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