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    I live in Norcross (near Raleigh). Been separated almost one year, as of 8/29. Currently have Post Separation Support/Child Support order in tact through Dec 09. Ex got Master's during our marriage & was both self employed and landed a job in the very low 6-figures just prior to our forced separation. He verbally threatened my life on 8/29/08. Having 2 young children and being solely dependent on him financially, I didn't know what to do, but did manage to lock him out of the house. He was VERY drunk at the time and I was honestly scared for my life! He is an alcoholic and substance abuser. Life was more than burdensome! I never let him back in. He called his mom who he has been living with ever since. She is also an alcoholic & chronic liar/manipulator. His dad was also a substance abuser and passed away several years ago due to drug-related illness. I was able to get a restraining order against him. He was still threatening me and stalking me. After several months, I dropped order ONLY to allow our 2 young children SUPERVISED visitations with him. (I supervise visits to save him $70/hr at a place called Time Together.) Initially, I was able to pay an atty a retainer fee. Case never went to court, but after all negotiations, retainer is gone. I can't afford more. He is currently still paying us every 2 wks by personal check. Even with payment, we are literally still eligible for 185% services through DSS! In other words, he never agreed to pay us justly and even being very frugal, we struggle to make ends meeet! My atty ordered a subpoena from his employer in June after we learned he lied (chronic liar) he was let go from his awesome job. He said he was laid off... NOPE! He had been on probation for 90 days for both performance and missing too much work. He improved greatly during 90 days but very next day after being let off probation, for 10 days he was only there for a few hours or half day! Next morning, they fired him - all due to fault of his own! (I have the subpoena and all related documentation.) The order states he will keep insurance on myself & kids. He hasn't. I had to apply for Medicaid for myself & kids. Kids got on it, I didn't. I am now having medical issues and have no insurance. I am going back to school in a very lucrative field for 2-3 years beginning next week. Now there will be child care expenses. Normally, his child support would go UP to help me pay. I am very afraid he is going to stop paying us any day. I don't know how I will afford child care unless I have any left of my student loan/Pell Grant (eligible due to low income!). School is basically taken care of thanks to student financial aid! He SAYS he is looking for work. I know he's lying. He never keeps promises to kids about visiting. He always makes excuses. I really feel he should be forced to find work, but can't afford to take him to court. I also feel he should be and should have to pay for all my legal expenses. He hasn't and won't agree to. I know how to get a kit to file for divorce, but don't want to until I can finalize child support'/alimony order... Please, any pro bono attys willing to help me? If he gets work, I'm sure he could pay. Please help me make this loser who threatened my life, tells his kids he doesn't want them to their little faces (ages 2 and 4), lies, manipulates, and is skating by without a care (!) pay for all he has done... I am truly just trying to be a good example to my kids by going back to school so I can afford to support us 100% on my own. I don't want to have to depend on him for myself at least. I also don't want to have to depend on the system. PLEASE, can someone help me and my 2 precious little ones? Or, can you let me know the procedure to take him to court pro se? Thanks so much for your time and consideration. Any ideas will be helpful. I just need to know where to go from here...

    Im really sorry your going threw so much pain you need to go to legal aide and get you a free attorney and take his @ss to court. stop his visitation and make him pay up. you are in school and you have children and you can get a free attorney.

    Pro bono basically it's when a lawyer or an attorney will defend your case for free